How to avoid ‘hat hair’

How to Avoid

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Wearing a cap helps us look and feel confident, but all wearers will be familiar with a problem that can crop up when they take it off.

Particularly if you have long or thick hair, you can end up with a domed, uneven look with ridges on both sides of your head where the sweatband has been. Don’t worry though – it’s something that can be largely avoided with a bit of care.

Look after your hair

The first step to minimising the effects of hat hair is to take care of your hair in the first place. Use good-quality shampoo and conditioner, and consider applying mousse if you’re concerned about volume.

Most importantly, dry it properly before putting on your cap. Wet hair has much more of a tendency to take the shape of the hat.

Consider your style

It’s also worth thinking about which styles of hair are best suited to wearing a cap. Generally, avoid ones with a high volume of hair on the sides of your head, as this is the area most affected by the cap.

For men in particular, some fashion advisors recommend not using a comb, but instead applying a messy yet trendy effect to your hair with your hands.

Wear a high-quality hat

The poorer the quality of your hat, the worse your hat hair is going to look. A top-of-the-range cap like the Flexfit Delta is breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and snug fitting, all of which make it not only an awesome cap to wear, but a kind one to your hair and skin when you’re not wearing it too.

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