Avoid the stresses of sizing with Yupoong Flexfit caps


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Baseball-style caps make great presents and corporate gifts, but if you don’t know what size someone is? How can you be sure to find a cap that fits? With Yupoong Flexfit caps, this is not an issue.

Fits all sizes

The Yupoong Flexfit cap fits all head sizes. Flexfit’s innovative technology makes sure that the cap fits well without the need for manual adjustment. The secret to Flexfit technology is polyurethane spandex that is woven into the sweatband and the whole crown of the cap. Yupoong Flexfit caps fit well and feel extremely comfortable even when worn all day.

Some cheap baseball style caps easily fall off when exercising. The Yupoong Flexfit cap is designed to stay on the head when exercising vigorously, running or taking part in extreme sports.

Innovative technology

Yupoong is at the forefront of headwear technology and has incorporated many innovative technologies into the Flexfit Cap. For example, Permacurve makes the visor retain its shape no matter how many times it is adjusted, while our caps also feature technology that keep your head cool on hot days and stops sweat odour. If you are likely to wear the cap in the rain, choose one with waterproof fabric.

Yupoong technology creates caps that protect you from the sun, and we even have caps able to ward off mosquitoes in development, showing how we are always mindful of environments.


A Yupoong Flexfit cap looks stylish and fashionable. Baseball-style caps never seem to lose their fashion appeal and are worn by people of all ages and sexes. They are available in a wide range of colours, either single colour or two-tone with contrasting coloured visor or panels. For the military look, choose camo pattern caps. Stitching can match the cap colour or be in a contrasting shade to make a statement.

Yupoong Flexfit caps are available in a variety of fabrics, including cotton-rich and premium wool blend. They can be personalised with four to eight panels, and with straight or curved visors. Hangtags, peak stickers and sweatband options make your cap fit your personal style.

Yupoong Flexfit caps are suitable for wearing in city streets but look equally as stylish when adventuring in wilderness areas. For businesses and retailers, Yupoong Flexfit caps can be branded with your own logo, text or images.


Yupoong is dedicated to quality in its manufacturing processes to make sure that all caps are made to the highest standards. All materials and processes used in manufacture exceed international environmental standards. No material in Yupoong caps contains toxins.

Try on a Yupoong Flexfit cap.

Yupooong Flexfit caps are the perfect combination of style and technology. To fully appreciate the style, comfort and practicality of a Yupoong Flexfit cap, try one on at leading sportswear and clothing stores.

If you want to brand Flexfit caps with your own identity, talk to the custom design team about all the branding options available to make your caps unique.

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