What to avoid when wearing a baseball cap


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Caps are cool – there’s no doubt about that – but that’s not to say they are always worn stylishly. Earlier this year, a picture of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn coming out of a train toilet sporting a cap was a reminder that caps aren’t always glamourous, so how can you make sure your headwear caps off your look rather than drags it down?

‘Hat head’

Cap wearers sometimes make a spectacle of themselves when they remove their headwear to reveal a head of bunched up, dome-shaped hair and a strap line across their forehead.

To avoid this issue, make sure your cap isn’t too tight and be sure to dry your hair properly before putting your hat on.

Lack of co-ordination

Remember that your hat should complement the rest of your clothing, not contrast with it. A baseball cap worn with formal trousers, for example, might present something of an odd and confused look.

Take colour into consideration too. Either match the rest of your clothes, or think about popular colour pairings like black and white.

Logo no-gos

You might like the look of a certain logo on a cap, but do you know what it means?

For example, sports teams like the New York Yankees are often featured on caps, but imagine you wear one and bump into a Yankees fan who strikes a conversation up about the team. Would you be able to hold your own?

Despite these minor issues, wearing a cap is always classy if you put a little thought into your choice.

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