How are baseball caps made?


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The way the caps we know and love are made varies from one manufacturer to the next, but there is usually a common process followed in order to turn the raw materials into the stylish caps worn on the streets.

The peak

Cap peaks tend to be made by stitching together two pieces of material, which can be done by hand for small, exclusive batches, or by machine for larger ones. Between the two layers of material, a piece of plastic board is often inserted to give strength and rigidity to the piece, although this can be replaced by more high-tech material, such as the Permacurv technology found in the likes of the Flexfit 110 and Classics Adjustables range.

The panels

In most cases, the crown of the cap is assembled by stitching together a number of panels, and applying taping to the inner seams. Some caps, such as the Flexfit Delta, avoid stitching and are built to a seamless finish.


Again, the logos and symbols on caps can be stitched on by hand for small batches, but it’s more common for them to be programmed into a computerised programme so that they can be applied onto the caps by machine.

Sweatband and button

Usually, the last two pieces of the cap to go into place are the sweatband around the rim and the button on the very top.

Whatever the type of cap, at Flexfit, we keep corporate social responsibility and compliance at the forefront of the process from start to finish with our Manufacturing Innovative Excellence promise.

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