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The Yupoong Hats overseas custom program offers a way to partner with Yupoong to create your own unique range of Yupoong Flexfit hats.

Purchasing hats at wholesale prices

A straightforward way to start with the Yupoong Hats overseas custom program is to select a range of hats from the Yupoong global catalogue. The Yupoong name stands for contemporary quality. All cap styles are based on the classic baseball cap look, but modern styling and cutting-edge technology makes them modern looking and practical.

Yupoong invests heavily in researching new technology to make hats both good looking and practical. Yupoong hats are hardwearing and made from quality materials. Our wearers appreciate that all materials and fabrics used to manufacture our hats exceed international environmental standards. The Zero Defect system is part of the manufacturing process to make sure that all hats are made to high flaw-free standards.

The most appreciated feature of Yupoong hats is that they are extremely comfortable to wear and fit snugly so that they will not fall off during jogging, playing sports, working out or other vigorous exercises. Yupoong caps fit all head sizes and maintain their shape in all conditions.

Orders for Yupoong caps can be delivered within 48 hours from our EU distribution centre. Minimum orders are not large, so you can try out a small number of caps to gauge the reaction of your customers to the brand.

Your own branded caps

The Yupoong design program enables you to create your own unique range of Yupoong caps. This starts by selecting the colours and fabrics for your range. You can then specify design features such as contrasting visors and crown, buckram strengthening and inner tape options. Stitching can be the same colour as the cap, or a contrasting shade.

The next stage is to create an branding to go on your hats. This could be a combination of your company logo and slogan. Tourists’ shops brand caps with the name of their location, event organisers brand caps with the name of the event and its logo, while businesses brand caps with their brand identity and slogan.

There are several options to fix the design to the caps either in a printed or embroidered way. Embroidery can be flat or raised to create a 3D effect. Caps can be branded on the visor or any position on the crown.

Yupoong has a dedicated design team to help you create your own unique caps. After you have a created your design, a prototype cap will be produced for your approval. It does not take long from the initial design discussions to the delivery of your finished caps.

Your own branded caps can be sold under your own label to make healthy profits. Businesses’ brand caps can be given away as promotional products. Every time someone wears your cap, they will be reminded of your brand.

If you would like to partner with us on the Yupoong Hats Wholesale program, talk to one of our team members.

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