How to Build Your Own Cap Brand: Part 1


Headwear is often the first item of clothing we notice when we look at someone, and is a big part of our identity. Building a cap brand of your own can be a lucrative and exciting experience, but where should you start?

Ramp up your research

As with any industry, it’s vital to do your homework. Put some time aside to browse through stores, both physical and online, and identify any trends you can see. Perhaps you can think of something that the industry is lacking, yet would still fit in comfortably among current fashions.

Your research should extend beyond headwear. What other items of clothing are en vogue right now, and how well would your cap complement them?

Learn the licence

If you’re new to business, matters like tax and business licencing can be rather daunting, especially in a sector like headwear where copyrights are a keen interest. An accountant can really help back you up and bring direction and confidence to your fledgling brand.

Make waves on the web

These days, it’s very easy to get an online store set up, even if your long-term aim is to get a high street store up and running. Have a look at existing online stores and their layout, thinking about what you could do differently. Best of all, you may already have a wide and appreciative audience to promote to in the form of your social media accounts and if not, these can be built.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the nuts and bolts of getting a cap brand started, part 2 will examine how to get your caps designed, marketed and sold.

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