How to Build Your Own Cap Brand: Part 2


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Following on from the early-stage matters we discussed in Part 1, here are the next steps to building your cap branding:

Let your logo loose

Crucial to any brand is its logo, and this is certainly the case with headwear. You may want to consult a graphic designer here or have a go yourself, seeking feedback in either case.

Bear in mind that most of the best known logos – think Nike, Apple and McDonalds – are distinctive, yet simple. An overly complicated logo is not just difficult to remember, but could also be tricky to reproduce accurately when printed on fabric or shrink for social media.

Make the most of marketing

Today, the most effective way to market is to combine online and offline techniques. Use your website and its social media accounts, but don’t neglect printed marketing like flyers and brochures. Headwear is all about look and feel, so something tangible could make a real connection.

Showcase shrewdly

If you have a physical store, read up on subjects like merchandising and in-store marketing to help your caps sell. For instance, did you know most people turn right when they enter a store?

You should have an online store too, so consider speaking to an internet marketing or SEO expert for advice on how to structure your site so that humans can use it and search engines can find it.

Plenty of hard work and research will be needed to make your brand a success, but if the cap fits, we wish you good luck in building your cap brand.

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