Camo patterns enjoy surge in popularity


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Camouflage or camo patterns are a style that has never been away, but are seriously en vogue at the moment.

Yupoong Camo hats are a popular style of hat loved by people who like their military look, but until recently, camo patterns were associated more with outdoor life than a leading fashion trend.

In the summer of 2018, Victoria Beckham was pictured in a camo pattern T-shirt, causing speculation that camouflage patterns were back in fashion. It was not just Beckham’s influence though, since a number of fashion shows in 2018 have featured camo, making it very much a trend by 2019. Designers like Zadig & Voltaire, Jeremy Scott and Michael Kors have championed the use of camouflage.

High-profile A-list celebrities that have been seen wearing camo patterns include Poppy Delevingne, Hailey Baldwin and Kim Kardashian.

Fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar’s advice is to only wear one camo items, such as a Yupoong Camo hat, and not match it with other camo clothing. Clothing worn with camo hats should be plain colours, not bold patterns.

Yupoong camo hats are usually worn with casual wear, but designer Jeremy Scott has featured camo with smart feminine dresses and skirts.

Like many fashion styles, there are no fixed rules, and Yupoong Camo hat wearers can wear theirs with any outfit they look good in. If you usually wear plain coloured Yupoong hats, perhaps now is the time for a change by seeing how you look in a Yupoong camo hat.


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