Can a baseball hat win an election?


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U.S. President Trump’s distinctive red ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball hat is instantly recognisable, but what difference did it make in him surprisingly reaching the White House?

There was a time when T-shirts were the main clothing items to have messages printed on them, but now the baseball style cap appears to be the favourite way to get a political message seen.

Although Trump is the most famous slogan hat wearer, the phrase on his cap is not original. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush both said “Let’s make America great again” during their presidential election campaigns, and Bill Clinton also used the phrase when he announced his presidential candidacy.

In 2016, Trump registered ‘Make America Great Again’ as a trademark and prevented other presidential candidates from using it.

The Washington Post has estimated that the Trump campaign sold 84,000 caps, which contributed $672,000 to the Trump campaign.

Trump’s red baseball caps probably did not win the election on their own, but may have influenced some voters. The caps have remained popular too; in December, Trump was pictured signing his hats for US troops in his visit to Iraq.

For any political or campaigning group with a message to spread, the Yupoong Custom Caps program can produce slogan-based baseball hats that your supporters can wear to make your message visible to the world.

If you want to change something, a Yupoong custom cap can make your feelings known. All you need to do is come up with an original slogan.

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