How can caps be made waterproof?

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When we think of baseball caps, the first type of weather we usually associate with them is sunshine. As we know though, especially in the UK, weather can change very quickly, so having a cap that can fend off the rain is a real bonus.

Several Flexfit caps, most notably the Flexfit Delta, are waterproof. This means that you needn’t worry if you get caught in a sudden shower, or if you want to hand wash your cap, but how can a cap be made to keep its shape and texture when wet?

Hybrid coating

At Flexfit, when we want our caps to be waterproof, we use SP Hyprid coating. This sophisticated piece of technology does a lot more than simply provide a waterproof surface; it actually induces water repellent properties and helps keep the cap, and your head, fresh and dry.

It’s not simply a gloss added to the cap at the end of the manufacturing process. It’s applied to the fabrics before manufacture even begins, ensuring that waterproof qualities are in mind right from the start and are an intrinsic part of the process, not a superficial add-on at the very end.

Waterproof caps are ideal for outdoor sports like cycling, golf, fishing, shooting or skateboarding. With any of these, clear vision is important and you need to keep the sun out of your eyes, but what if it rains? With a waterproof cap, you can make sure you’re guarded against whatever the unpredictable weather might throw at you.

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