Can you be too old to wear your Yupoong dad hat backwards?


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Pictures of actor Charlie Sheen at the Coachella Music Festival wearing his baseball cap backwards have reopened the debate about whether you can be “too old” to follow this fashion trend.

Sheen is 53, which is well above the age of 30 when influential blogger Coach Daddy says that men should always wear baseball caps with the visor pointing forward. Of course, many disagree with this view, including Sheen. They say that you are as young as you feel and can wear a Yupoong dad hat anyway you want.

Another question sometimes asked is how old you must be before you can start wearing a dad hat at all. Dad hats were given their name because at one time they were associated with older men, but after the likes of Rhianna and Kendall Jenner were seen on social media wearing dad hats, everyone realised that they can be worn note only by young people, but by women as well as men.

The Yupoong dad hat is both stylish and practical. It is good for wearing in the sun to protect the head, and is made to last. Either a blank or customised branded hat looks good with any outfit, whether casual or more formal. Most people wear their Yupoong dad hat forwards, but there is no regulation that says you cannot wear yours backwards, whatever your gender or age.

You are as old as you feel, and how you wear your Yupoong dad hat is up to you.

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