Can you ever have too many Yupoong hats?


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According to the staff of the news website The Urban Twist:

“It’s not possible for a man to have enough baseball hats.”

At Flexfit, we agree, although the same is true for a woman as well.

We offer a wide range of Yupoong hats: brightly coloured ones, muted tone, plain, customised, wool blend, and cotton. There are plenty of styles too, with the Yupoong dad hat, Snapback, Flexfit 110, and Flexfit Delta are a few of our most popular styles.

The great part about building up a collection of Yupoong hats is that they are not expensive, so buying a few hats to wear is a budget-friendly way to boost your wardrobe.

Having a collection of Yupoong hats means that you can change hats to match your mood. A bright red hat is perfect for fun days playing beach volleyball or being young at heart on a skateboard. A black Yupoong hat can suit more serious days when you want to get important job done, apply for a new job, or view new places to live.

There is a Yupoong hat to wear with any outfit style. Black, grey or white hats suit most looks. A custom Yupoong hat with your favourite brand on it expresses what you are into, and what you care about.

If you ask us at Flexfit if you can ever have too many hats, of course we are going to reply ‘no’, and that’s because we are passionate about the hats we make, and want to spread that enthusiasm to everyone.

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