Can you tailor a fitted hat?

Custom fitted caps from Flexfit

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Can you tailor a fitted hat?

Custom fitted cap designs are a firm favourite with our customers.

The ability to tailor a hat’s design has made them incredibly versatile with new designs, colours and branding always being released.

If you’re looking for a hat to add to your collection, then you’re always likely to find something new.

Sports clubs have been quick to spot this opportunity, creating new caps that fans are keen to buy.

Custom fitted hats and caps are the leading type of headwear across the globe, giving brands a golden opportunity when it comes to promotion.

Whether you’re looking to establish your brand, create stylish and practical caps for your employees, or want to give away freebies to your customers, then custom fitted caps are an ideal choice.

They can also be a successful product line in themselves.

Why are fitted caps so popular?

Fitted caps are popular for a variety of different reasons, not least their versatility.

How many hat designs are as comfortable in the workplace as they are on the catwalk or the street?

Fitted caps have made that transition effortlessly thanks to their ability to be customised and modified to suit different needs and purposes.

Can you tailor a fitted hat?

Modern fitted caps and hats have usually been constructed to high design standards with comfort and fit in mind.

While it’s certainly possible to make small alterations to a fitted hat to ensure it fits better, in most cases this isn’t necessary.

Whether you opt for a simple one-size snapback or a hat that’s available in a range of sizes to fit different head shapes, a custom-fitted cap will usually be hardwearing and a great fit without the need for any further modifications.

What are the advantages of custom caps for brands?

Custom branded hats and caps help reinforce, grow and support your brand’s identity and status.

Not only can you create caps for your employees that look good and help to create a strong corporate image and culture, but you can also create caps that your customers want to be seen in.

Some of the most successful brands have caps as part of their marketing strategy, with logo branded designs highly sought after by consumers.

Custom caps can be created to fit any marketing strategy and to make the maximum impact.

They can be manufactured to your unique specifications when it comes to shape, colours, branding and finish.

When you order custom wholesale caps to support your marketing strategy, you can use them to build strong brand awareness while connecting with your customers.

Your own custom caps embroidered with your company logo and design are a great way to get your brand name and logo seen.

One advantage that custom caps can add to your marketing is that they have the ability to communicate your brand name and identity indirectly.

With caps, people don’t feel that they are being subjected to hard-sell techniques.

Caps can be used at promotional events, added to a point-of-sale display, and are a great choice for large-scale giveaways.

Your own branded custom caps, give you a range of different marketing opportunities and can help you stand out from the competitions.

What makes Yupoong custom caps and hats different?

Yupoong leads the way in custom caps and hats.

Our cutting edge manufacturing techniques have been combined with innovative product development and technology to create custom made, designed and personalised products that come with a well-deserved reputation for quality.

When it comes to our custom caps and hats, the only limit on personalisation is your imagination.

The ultimate in customisation

At Flexfit, we enable our clients to create their own unique collection of branded headwear for wholesale purchase.

As well as the overall design, our manufacturing and customisation process allows for subtle features such as the inner-tape, labelling and other branding elements to be personalised.

It’s even possible to make use of signature fabrics that have been developed just for you, as well as materials and components that have been developed by your own approved vendor.

What makes truly unique branded caps stand out is the attention to detail.

Aspects such as trims, colour finishes and accessories can all combine to make a real difference to the overall look of the cap.

Working with your team of highly-skilled and creative in-house designers, we provide value-added support for your concept designs.

We can work with your own product developers in creating truly unique branded caps and headwear collections.

Leading the way in customer service

It’s not just the high level of customisation that Yupoong offer that makes our custom cap overseas programme unique.

It’s also our approach to customer service.

We go the extra mile for our customers, with an easy to understand ordering system and clear communications throughout.

Our reputation is built on our ability to deliver and we do that time and time again for our customers.

After the planning and development process has been signed off, Flexfit will then create your prototypes within the agreed time to your exact specifications.

Our minimum order for embroidered custom caps and branded caps is 576 pieces, and your proto sample will be with you for inspection within three to four weeks.

If you’re happy with your sample, then bulk production can begin. Your order should be with you within 10-12 weeks.

We provide a truly global service, with a team of professionals on the ground in our European, Middle East, Indian and Russian offices, ready to help as and when required.

To find out more about our industry-leading service and to receive a quotation, simply send your designs in PDF or Illustration format to

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