Capped Crusaders: 7 Legendary Cap-Wearing Film Characters


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If you think of some of your favourite films, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the characters. The way they look, act and dress embeds itself in our minds and becomes an instant association we make with the film. Take a look at the seven iconic ‘Capped Crusaders’ we’ve picked out from some of our favourite films:

Capped Crusaders: 7 Legendary Cap-Wearing Film Characters

At Flexfit, we firmly believe that caps can help to define a person’s character. Yes, they have a practical function, but cap lovers know that what they put on their heads will be noticed more quickly than any other item of clothing. Immediately, a cap shows what sort of individual you are.

As you can see from our examples, there is no typical character type that wears a cap, and different caps can convey different personas. Caps, depending on their style, design and colours, can make a character look cool, outlandish, rebellious, futuristic, maverick or out of step.

Would their performances have been as memorable without the caps on their heads, and would their appearances be so instantly recognisable? Which one are you, and can you think of any we’ve missed?

If any of these looks strike a chord with you, speak to the Flexfit team about how we can build you a custom cap with an authentic pop-culture look.

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