Why choose the Flexfit Delta cap?

Why choose Flexfit Delta

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At Flexfit, we have an expansive range of top quality hats to fit and suit every head. If you’re looking for one that effortlessly brings together comfort, performance and style, look no further than the Flexfit Delta cap.

This cutting-edge hat really has it all, so let’s take a look at some of its features:

Permacurve peak

All Flexfit Delta caps come with our patented peaks. Thanks to the Permacurve technology, you’ll be able to curve or adjust the peak again and again without damaging the shape of the cap – perfect if you’re trying to keep an awkward ray of sunshine out of your eyes, or if you simply like to wear your cap a little differently every time.

Thermal regulation

Caps shouldn’t leave you hot-headed, which is why the Delta includes thermal regulation to help keep your head feeling as cool as it looks. It’s a breathable and lightweight hat, and with odour repellent and anti-bacterial Everfresh technology as part of its makeup, you can wear it for some time without suffering any unwanted consequences.

Windproof and waterproof

We believe your caps should look and feel right whatever the weather, so the Flexfit Delta is designed to withstand the elements. Whether you’re being battered by the winds on a blustery mountain or you get caught in a sudden cloudburst, the moisture-absorbing sweatband means your cap will stay perfectly in place and maintain its shape and texture.

Delta bonded tape

The Delta cap avoids stitching, instead using our patented tape to fix the panels together on the inside of the cap. This creates a seamless finish that adds to the comfort and aesthetics of the item, while also keeping it light, cool and hygienic.

Advanced visor

When we developed the Flexfit Delta, we really wanted to bring something to the visor that had never been done before. Aside from the aforementioned Permacurve, the visor is designed to wick moisture away from your head, keeping you cool and dry. It’s built with an undervisor that diffuses sweat, helping the whole cap look and feel great however long you wear it for.


At Flexfit, we see caps as part of a person’s identity, so we are always keen to provide them in a range of styles and shapes so that their wearers can really feel unique.

The Delta can come with a rounded or box-shaped crown depending on your preference, and cap fans often make their choice depending on either the shape they favour or the one that best complements the shape of their head or face.

Zero Defect

Our Manufacturing Innovative Excellence promise means that every cap we produce meets our rigorous stands and will look and feel flawless. Whether you buy one Flexfit Delta cap or a thousand, you can be sure that each will be an impeccable product.

All in all, the Flexfit Delta Carbon cap is a top-of-the-range piece of headwear that proves caps can be light and sleek, yet durable and practical, all while keeping style and sophistication at the forefront.

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