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As baseball cap wholesalers our Yupoong Hats Wholesale Program is a way for us to help you create extra income by selling Yupoong Flexfit headwear.

A huge market

In 2018, it is estimated that over 300 million hats were sold which generated revenues of over $7bn. Baseball hats are a large part of this market and are increasingly popular with athletes and non-athletes alike. There is a trend for custom hats that have unique designs embroidered or printed on them.

The market is not saturated, and there are many ways to make money selling Yupoong caps.

Blank caps

The first way to generate income from selling hats is to purchase Flexfit caps direct from Yupoong and sell them at retail stores or online. There are many styles, colours and fabrics to choose from.

Selling Flexfit blank hats can be challenging, as there will probably be a lot of competition – especially online. Like most products in competitive markets, the secret of success is effective marketing.

You will benefit from using marketing experts. There are many companies that will use search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to drive your website high in Google and other search engine rankings. You will also need a social media expert who can help you generate Facebook and Twitter interaction.

Don’t forget thought that there are plenty of worthwhile offline media, including printed marketing documents, radio, TV and magazines. A graphic designer can create a brand image and style that is consistent across all media.

Custom caps

It is perhaps easier to sell custom caps than blank ones because custom caps can be unique, and this makes you stand out from competitors.

You can start with blank caps and use a company that specialises in printing designs on caps. Better still is the Yupoong Custom Design Program, where we have expert designers who can help you with every step of producing custom caps. They help you select the Flexfit cap styles, make sure that graphics files are suitable, provide you with sample caps for approval, then arrange for your custom caps to be made and delivered to you.

There are many ways that income can be generated from custom caps. Fashion designers can create unique designs that are embroidered on Yupoong hats and sell them as fashion wear. A company with a well-known logo can sell branded custom caps to fans loyal to their brand. A retail company can commission designs for custom caps that are exclusive to their online and offline stores. A sports team can raise funds by selling caps with their team badge.

The promotional product market generates a huge amount of money. Printers invest in the machines that can print or embroider designs on caps and offer a service providing Flexfit custom caps for businesses to promote their brand.

Baseball hats are loved by many different types of wearers, from athletes and urban dwellers, to the young, old, trendy and conservative. So many people love Flexfit hats, and the Yupoong Hats Wholesale Program helps you sell the caps that these people want to wear.

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