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If you’re somebody with a popular Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account – or better yet, you have your own YouTube channel – you’re ideally placed to build and share your own brand. At Flexfit, we’re aware of the power of online influence, and would love to work with you to develop a headwear brand together.

From Justin Bieber to Kate Upton, the list of celebrities whose rise to stardom began on YouTube is growing by the year. Some, such as Zoe Sugg (better known as Zoella), have used their popularity online to launch fashion and beauty products.

At Flexfit, we recognise that building a name for yourself online through sites like YouTube and Insta is a form of entrepreneurship, and that it involves imagination and individuality. If you’re gaining followers and publicity, why not build on this by developing a headwear brand that really reflects what you’re all about?

When launching a brand and becoming an entrepreneur, funding or business development is often a stumbling block. That’s why we can collaborate our expertise together and develop a brand that represents your values and connects with your followers

The ways YouTubers shoot their videos vary, but in most cases, they exist as a ‘talking head’ on the computer screen. With the camera being focused on your head and face, a cap will be instantly noticeable and, if worn on a few videos, intrinsically linked to your image.

If you’d like to build on your online influence by creating a cap brand, please speak to our sales team today.

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