Enjoy the sun to its fullest with a Yupoong dad hat


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Some sun can be beneficial for your health, but too much can be dangerous. Yupoong dad hats are great for protecting the face and head from harmful UV rays during sunny spells.

Sunlight provides the body with vitamin D and this helps you absorb calcium and phosphate for healthy bones teeth and muscles. A lack of vitamin D has been linked to bone weakness.

While spending time outside in the sun has health perks, too much sun can be harmful when high UV rays cause sunburn. A sun cream with a high protection factor is recommended, but a Yupoong Classic dad hat also provides protection. It covers the head and the visor provides shade for the face. What’s more, Yupoong has developed sweatbands that prevent the buildup of moisture and stop odours.

At times during the day when the sun is very hot, it is not advisable to stay out too long in the sun. Wait until the sun is less fierce.

Many people wear Yupoong hats when taking part in sport or exercising. If this is done outdoors in the sun, drink plenty of water or hydrating sports drinks, as well as using skin cream. Sunglasses are also useful as they can protect the eyes from glare.

How much time you should spend in the sun depends on your skin type – those with darker skin can generally spend more time than those with lighter – but a Yupoong dad hat will certainly help in any case.

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