Express your own individual fashion style with the Flexfit Delta Wholesale Programme


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The Flexfit Delta Wholesale Programme is your chance to create a line of unique custom hats that express your individual fashion sense.

What is fashion?

Most people care about fashion at least to some extent, even if they say they don’t. Anybody that takes care to choose clothes that they believe suits them is making a fashion statement. What people wear makes a statement about who they are and their personality type. Fashion is a means of self-expression that says something about your identity.

Fashion is the clothes that you like to wear. This is might be different to what is ‘fashionable’, as in what designers and trendsetters say you should or should not be wearing.

Be individual

Baseball-style hats are fashionable because many people wear them. They are suitable for the young and the old of any gender, and can express your individuality. The colour you prefer, and the image or words printed or embroidered on the hat, express your individual personality.

While many different types of people wear baseball hats, you do not have to follow a fashion trend that makes you a member of a large tribe of people, all with a particular colour and style of Flexfit hat with exactly the same logo on it.

Creating your own fashion trend

Exclusivity is attractive to many people, so they want to wear Flexfit hats that not many people have. The Flexfit Delta Wholesale Programme is a way to set your own fashion trend shared by a select group.

Why the Delta?

The Delta is our top-of-the-range hat that has unique features. The bond tape used in the hat creates an almost stitchless appearance, so you can hardly see where the panels join. The Delta is a smoother, sleeker style that brings the baseball cap design up to date. The visor is lightweight, which adds to the feeling of wearing a lighter hat that looks different.

Wearing a Delta hat sets your headwear apart from the thousands of different baseball hats on the market. The Delta is also practical, with a sweatband that absorbs moisture. It keeps the head dry and cool and is built to last.

Customising the hat

After choosing the colour of your Delta hats, you can buy many of them at wholesale prices to arrange for them to be customised, or with the help of our Flexfit designers, we can embroider or print your designs on the hats.

After you take delivery of customised Flexfit Delta Carbon hats, you can sell them as your own line of fashion caps. Companies that have Delta hats with their own brand logo on them can give them to their best clients.

You can order thousands of custom Flexfit Delta caps, or just a few so that they become limited editions that are for the privileged few to share your fashion style.

At Flexfit, we’re always here to talk to you about the many ways you can benefit from the Flexfit Delta Wholesale Programme.

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