Film directors and their love of baseball caps


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Flexfit caps are worn by all types of people, but one profession that seems to love baseball-style caps is that of the film director.

There is no dress code for film directors. Batman director Christopher Nolan wears a suit and tie, but most dress casually. A film or television studio can be hot, but this does not put off many directors wearing baseball type caps when on set. George Lucas wore his cap when directing Indiana Jones, and Steven Spielberg generally wears a baseball cap when working.

Ron Howard is famous for always wearing a baseball cap when directing his high profile films like Apollo 13 and the recent Solo Star Wars movie. He insists that he does not wear his hat to cover his baldness!

Further back in film history, John Houston wore a cap whilst directing Marilyn Monroe on The Misfits. Gene Kelly wore his too when directing Hello Dolly.

When looking through the camera lens, the director can turn the baseball cap backwards so that the visor does not get in the way.

Most film directors wear caps without logos, so it is not possible to know how many wear a Flexfit cap. Hollywood films have sponsorship deals with brands, so film directors tend to stick with non-branded caps so that they do not conflict with the brands associated with their movies.

Of course, most people do not wear Flexfit hats because their favourite film director wears one, but because they are individuals themselves, and they appreciate our caps’ stylish looks combined with practicality.

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