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flexfit fitted baseball caps

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What is a fitted baseball cap?

Not all baseball caps are the same.

It’s not just the designs and sizes that differ, it’s also the materials from which they’re made and, most importantly, how they fit your head. While it may seem like a minor detail, the fit of a baseball cap can make a huge difference to its overall look and presentation.

As a result, a wide range of baseball caps have developed over the years to meet the requirements of different consumers, sports and industries. A baseball cap is not just a baseball cap these days, and there is a huge variety when it comes to quality, design and fit.

Here we’ll take a look at the fitted baseball cap, asking what it is, how it began and how it differs from some of the alternatives. What can a fitted baseball cap give that other styles of headgear can’t, and what makes them such a great promotional tool for businesses, sports teams and other organisations?

Before we get into the detail, how did baseball caps develop to become the world’s favourite choice of headwear?

How did baseball caps begin?

As the name suggests, baseball caps grew out of the increasing popularity of baseball in the US in the middle of the 19th century.

The New York Knickerbockers were the first known team to begin wearing baseball caps, but they were far from the caps we know and love today. These first caps were made of straw and probably didn’t help when it came to keeping the sun out of the players’ eyes.

A few years later, the straw caps were ditched in favour of a wool cap manufactured by Peck & Snyder. This new cap began to look a little more like what we today think of as a baseball cap. It featured a flat, panelled crown that was made from merino wool. Crucially, it also had a short visor that was useful when it came to keeping the sun out of the wearer’s eyes – an important feature when you’re playing baseball!

This style of cap soon proved popular and was adopted across the United States. In 1860, a team called the Brooklyn Excelsiors began wearing a baseball cap that had a longer brim, as well as a deeper, button-topped crown. This became known as the ‘Brooklyn Style’ cap.

Over the following decades, a range of new styles were developed. These included the ‘pillbox’ which featured a horizontally-striped round crown and a flat-button top. None of these proved as durable as the ‘Brooklyn Style’ cap that soon became the norm. By 1900, nearly all of the major league baseball teams were topping off their uniforms with a baseball cap.

The first professional baseball caps were developed in the mid-1930s and by the 1950s, the majority of teams were wearing fitted baseball caps. By the 1950s, these designs were reworked to include six-panel crowns with ventilating eyelet holes on each panel. The designs also featured a button top and a large visor which featured eight rows of stitching.

This new style was immediately popular with players, and it wasn’t long before spectators began buying and wearing replica versions in their team’s colours and designs. During the course of the following decades, the fitted baseball cap moved into mainstream fashion.

Today, fitted baseball caps are by far the most popular form of hat on the planet. They’re accessible, democratic and hardwearing as well as being great for both utility and fashion.

What is a fitted baseball cap?

They may be popular, but how much do you know about what makes a fitted baseball cap?

The principle is actually quite simple and as the name suggests, a fitted baseball cap is a cap that’s designed to fit the head comfortably.

Despite this simplicity, modern fitted baseball caps have come a long way since their early days. They now use a range of innovative technologies that have made them more comfortable, easier to wear and more durable. They’re better adapted to the modern world and can withstand the pressures of daily life.

Fitted baseball caps are the cap of choice for so many people because they manage to combine fashion with utility. It’s why you can see fitted baseball caps being worn as streetwear, in workplaces, and even on the catwalk.

Why is a fitted baseball cap better?

The best type of cap is the one that’s the most comfortable and meets your expectations. However, fitted baseball caps do have some comfort and durability advantages.

Fitted caps are designed to fit your head perfectly; you don’t have to worry about the cap slipping around when you wear it or blowing off in a strong wind. Fitted baseball caps now use a range of innovative technologies to provide the ultimate in comfort.

Flexfit technology takes the fitted cap to the next level

The fitted cap has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a practical cap for baseball players. The technology has evolved to create a cap that better meets the needs of wearers. They are now more adaptable, comfortable, longer-lasting and ultimately wearable than in the past.

Flexfit technology has played a big part in the development of fitted baseball caps over recent years. This has included:

  • Flexible Visors – these are lightweight and can be bent in any way yet still retain their shape. There’s no chance of an accident ruining your favourite cap.
  • Permacurv® – this innovative visor technology help to maintain the proper shape and curve of the visor throughout the lifetime of the cap.
  • Ultrafibre – wind and water-resistant fibres help to create a robust yet lightweight cap that retains its strength.
  • Ecodry – Flexfit fitted baseball caps are water repellent as well as environmentally friendly. They are manufactured without the need for dangerous chemicals and materials.
  • Pro-formance – despite having the look and feel of a traditional wool fabric cap, Flexfit caps combine cool and dry properties for all-around comfort and performance.
  • HyperTech – the innovative technology and materials used give you all-around protection against the elements. Thermal regulation, Cool & Dry as well as UV protection all make the Flexfit range of fitted baseball caps infinitely superior to the competition.
  • Hybrid Tech – Flexfit technology ensures that every cap combines water repellency with cool and dry moisture-wicking for ultimate comfort for the wearer whatever the weather.

All of these high-tech aspects that go into creating Yupoong caps which represent a real innovation in the way that baseball caps are manufactured. They not only create a cap that looks stylish, but they’re also much better to wear.

The Yupoong range

The Yupoong range of baseball caps combines classic style with innovative modern manufacturing techniques. They offer a great alternative to the traditional baseball cap, combining technological advances with classic design.

The FLEXFIT® PIQUE DOTS CAP is a simple design classic. It’s constructed from fine piqué material which maintains a slight mélange effect and is a light and sport choice that’s great to wear. Because of the patented Flexfit technology the cap is constructed to fit any head. As is characteristic of the Flexfit look, it has a reinforced front, slightly curved brim and ventilation eyelets. They are available in black, heather grey and navy.

The YP Classics® Multicam® COBRA® quick-release Retro Trucker cap is a stylish cap that features refined camouflage patterns that are combined with tonal Multicam® webbing. They come complete with a high-quality locking mechanism to create a great looking cap that demands attention.

If you’re looking for an environment-friendly alternative then the YP CLASSICS® Recycled Retro Trucker Cap 2-Tone is the ideal choice. This has all the style impact of our other Retro Trucker Caps but has strong green credentials. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the cap is part of our Rescued & Renewed collection, which aims to create outstanding caps while reducing our ecological footprint on our planet.

For a truly individual choice, the YP CLASSICS® Retro Capsule Cap is hand-painted giving each cap its own unique look. Using high-quality waterproof oil-based paint, it comes in a wide variety of different colours. It can be customised to feature individual colours and is the perfect statement piece for your wardrobe.

It’s the attention to detail that makes the Yupoong ® Adjustables Ethno Strap Cap really stand out. Using a peaching technique, the cap has a roughened edge that gives the cap a laid-back used look. This soft to the touch cap features a weave pattern at the back and is comfortable for every wearer.

If you’re looking for a classic streetwear cap then the Yupoong ® Adjustables Curved Bandana Tie Snapback is the ultimate choice. This paisley style snapback has a comfortable, sporty fit and has a distinctive bandana knot at the neck.

Our YP CLASSICS® Recycled Poly Twill Snapback is also part of our Rescued and Renewed collection. This one size fits all cap is made from recycled plastic materials and is available in navy or black.

With a simple, sporty and classic fitted baseball cap design, the YP CLASSICS® Curved Classic Snapback has a reinforced front and matching plastic closure. This stunning combination of innovative Flexfit technology and classic baseball cap breathes new life into the fitted cap.


Leading the way with high-quality fitted baseball caps

For decades, Yupoong® has been a leading global manufacturer of branded caps, custom baseball caps, custom embroidered caps and other headwear. In fact, we’re so proud of our record that we’re confident when we say our bespoke headwear is the best you can buy.

Our Blank Cap Programme makes it easy to buy high-quality fitted baseball caps. We offer flexible minimum orders for wholesale caps for both UK and Europe-wide delivery, which means that you can have a limited quantity of wholesale hats with a guaranteed speedy turnaround.

With our commitment to customer service and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, our Custom Overseas Cap Programme allows you to create your own unique collection of branded headwear. It gives you the opportunity to create truly unique custom branded caps for wholesale purchase.

With a team of global professionals in European, Middle East, Indian and Russian offices, we’re on hand to provide high levels of customer service as and when it’s needed.

To find out more about our programmes, call +44 (0) 151 707 1148 or email

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