Fitted versus adjustable: What’s the right fit for you?

Flexfit fitted caps

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Cap technology and design have come a long way since the early days of baseball caps way back in the 19th century. There are now a wide variety of different cap styles and fits to choose from, presenting consumers with an extensive choice.

If you’re looking to design or develop a new cap, you might be wondering what kind to opt for. As well as your own individual style and design preferences, there’s also the basic decision of whether to choose a fitted or adjustable cap.

The 2022 Flexfit range contains both fitted and adjustable caps in all kinds of designs, colours and personalisation options, meaning that there really is something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at each type in more detail, assessing their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a fitted cap? 

Fitted baseball caps are hugely popular, and as the name suggests it’s a cap that’s designed to fit your head as comfortably as possible. They don’t include any kind of adjusting mechanism and there is no opening at the back.

Some fitted hats come in specific head sizes, while others have a range of sizes like small, medium or large. Modern fitted baseball caps have developed considerably since the early days, making use of innovative technologies that have made them easier to wear and better able to withstand the pressures of daily life.

Fitted baseball caps combine utility with fashion, making them the first choice for a wide range of different people. Whether you’re looking for a cap for sport, fashion, work uniform or casual wear, then a fitted baseball is frequently the first choice.

What is an adjustable cap?

An adjustable “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” cap is a popular alternative to the fitted cap. Rather than fitting snugly to your head, it has an adjustable mechanism at the back to achieve the same.

They are a frequent choice for team sports and have some practical applications. Men and women with long hair often prefer adjustable caps because they can put their hair into a ponytail and wear it through the opening at the back of the cap.

The Adjustable caps are popular, and are sometimes more economically priced fitted caps. In addition, the buyer doesn’t have to worry about measurements and sizes before they make a purchase. Instead they can buy one and start wearing it, confident it can be adjusted to fit your head. The snapback hat is just one of the different types of adjustable caps. Snapback hat closures are adjusted by snapping the buttons in the back.

The outstanding range of Yupoong Adjustable caps maximises style, comfort and durability with an option for every taste and preference.

Fitted hat vs adjustable 

As well as the adjustable feature at the back of the cap there are other differences between fitted caps and adjustable and snapback caps.

A key one is their front panel. The front panel of a traditional snapback will be slightly stiffer than the front panel of a fitted hat. This makes it less malleable.  The firmer panel at the front of a snapback hat allows for more prominent designs to display brand logos or team names.

The angle of the brim on a snapback hat is another key difference between a fitted vs adjustable hat. On a snapback, you’ll typically see a 90-degree angle between the brim and the rest of the cap. This makes the front panel more visible and makes them more suitable for branding.

Which type of cap is best for your brand? 

Fitted caps and adjustable caps are both highly practical. With modern production techniques, they offer high levels of durability and style and are suitable for a range of different purposes.

The best kind of cap for you will depend on your own particular preferences and your brands market segment.. If your brand is targeting an action sport market segment then our flexfit fitted cap is perfect for this, however, if your brand is targeting the streetwear segment, then our adjustable YP Classics snapback cap would be your best option.

In comparison, an adjustable cap gives you the option to adjust the size manually whereas the Flexfit fitted can has a stretchable sweatband and fabric for a complete snug fit

Industry-leading fitted and adjustable caps 

Yupoong® Flexfit® is a leading global manufacturer of branded caps, custom baseball caps, custom embroidered caps and other headwear and our custom overseas cap programme puts you in the driving seat.

We’re widely recognized as the worlds largest headwear company in the worlds and renown for our innovative approach to design, quality and service. We’ve developed cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, product development and technology. Our private label branded caps have a well-deserved reputation for zero defect quality.

Our customer service is also second to none and our reputation is built on our ability to deliver. With a team of professionals across the EMEI region, we provide high levels of customer service as and when you need it.

Call +44 (0) 151 707 1148 or email [email protected] to find out more.

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