Five iconic caps worn by baseball teams

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The use of baseball caps has extended way beyond the sport itself, but at Flexfit, we know that baseball remains at the crux of how caps are styled and worn. Even if you have no interest in the sport, here are five teams whose caps you’re likely to recognise:

1. New York Yankees

Perhaps the most familiar of all baseball caps, the interlocking N and Y that forms the logo dates back to the ‘70s in its current version. A striking emblem printed upon caps in the team’s colour of midnight navy blue, the cap has effortlessly dovetailed into rap and punk culture.

2. San Diego Padres

Also featuring interlocking letters (S and D), this is another eye-catching design on a navy crown, but certain versions of it have something of a cult appeal. columnist Jeff Pearlman describes a 1984 brown and yellow Padres cap as “extraordinarily ugly”, this only adding to its charm.

3. Detroit Tigers

The team’s logo, an emphatic letter D printed in an Old English font, is both traditional and imposing. Rapper Eminem integrated a version of the D into the logo of his hip-hop group D12.

4. Toronto Blue Jays

An article by NBC Sports* last year ranked the Blue Jays’ logo as the best in Major League Baseball. The dynamic jay’s head, set on a vivid blue background, is a stylish balance between retro and modern.

5. Baltimore Orioles

In 2012, the Orioles reintroduced a cartoon bird to their caps that had previously been phased out. A distinctive and proud logo, it’s proved to be a hit among fans.

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