Five reasons sportspeople wear Flexfit baseball caps

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Many athletes and sportspeople wear Flexfit baseball caps, and not just the obvious baseball players. There are at least five reasons why they proudly wear our caps:

1. Function

It is essential when competing that clothing is comfortable to wear and does not restrict movement. Flexfit baseball caps adjust to different head sizes so that the hat does not fall off, while at the same time feeling extremely comfortable when worn for long periods. Made from polyester or cotton, our caps are lightweight and do not feel heavy on the head.

In many sports, such as golf, players spend a lot of time outside. If it is hot and sunny, sportspeople need to wear clothing that protects them from the elements. The visor of a Flexfit cap keep the face shaded, and the sweatbands stop the build-up of moisture and prevent odour.

2. Identity

Custom baseball hats with a team logo printed or embroidered on them are part of the team identity. Both team members and fans wear branded baseball caps to show their loyalty to their team.

A team hat may be associated with a sport even though it is not worn in games. An example of this is the hat Michael Jordan, the basketball player wears in the street. The hat became associated with Jordan and his sport, even though he did not play basketball while wearing it.

3. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a major source of income for most sports teams and individual sportsmen and women. Sponsors like their teams and individual representatives to wear baseball caps with their logo on them. Some sports – including cricket, tennis and golf – have strict regulations about the size and position of branding. For these sports, branding has to be subtle and unobtrusive. Other sports, such as motor racing, have no such regulations, and baseball hat wearers are free to have large logos on their hats.

In sports where baseball hats cannot be worn during a game, there are still plenty of opportunities for wearing branded hats. Celebrity sportspeople wear them outside and are often photographed by journalists. Players may also wear them during news interviews.

Sponsors are prepared to pay a lot of money to teams and individuals that will promote a brand by wearing branded hats, especially if they are photographed by the media.

4. Quality

Sports organisations like to associate their brand with quality. They therefore like Flexfit’s philosophy of making premium quality durable caps

5. Cost-effective

Despite our perceptions of the world of sport, not every team or sportsperson is wealthy. Flexfit baseball hats are affordable among most teams and individuals. Customising the cap with the team’s logo is not expensive, and some or all of the money invested can be made back by selling Flexfit baseball caps to the fans.

At Flexfit, we want your sports team to succeed. Contact our Custom Hat Program team to find out how Flexfit baseball hats branded with a sports logo can raise awareness of a team and the values it stands for.

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