Five reasons why Flexfit Delta hats are special


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The Flexfit Delta is a premium baseball-style hat, and there are five key reasons why it’s special:

1. Minimal stitching

The stitching of the Flexfit Delta is kept to the minimum with the panels of the crown joined together for a seamless finish. This makes the cap look lighter and sleeker. The Delta updates the classic baseball hat style to create a more modern-looking cap.

2. More comfortable

The Delta’s adjustable strap makes the Delta fit well, but without feeling too tight, so it’s an extremely comfortable cap to wear all day. It stays on the head when exercising or playing sport. This is why it is a favourite of many snowboarders and skateboarders who want to look cool in a hat that stays on.

3. Keeps the head cool and dry

The Flexfit Delta hat keeps the head cool on hot days by providing protection from the harsh sun. The sweatband and bond tape guard against stains, repel bacteria and regulate the heat, keeping the head dry and free from sweat.

4. Featherweight visor

The Delta has a lighter visor for better comfort. Stain block technology diffuses sweat through the under visor to keep the crown looking fresh.

5. Stylish colour range

The Flexfit Delta cap comes in a range of colours – white, silver, black, dark grey, navy or red. These colours are referenced by their Panton codes so that you know the exact colour shade. This is useful for designers creating custom graphics for Delta hats.

On graphics software the exact Pantone shade for a particular Delta hat colour can be entered. This enables designers to create image colours that contrast with the background colour to make them stand out.

These are the five top reasons for choosing the Delta style, but you don’t have to articulate your reasons for wearing Flexfit Delta hats. Many wearers try a Delta hat on for the first time and immediately fall for its looks and feel.

Flexfit Delta Carbon caps are great value for a premium piece of headwear made from quality materials and designed to last a long time. If you only buy one baseball hat, make it a Delta, or better still buy more than one Delta in different colours to go with various outfits.

At Flexfit, we are proud to have developed the Flexfit Delta, which represents the evolution of the baseball cap design.

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