Five steps to profiting from the Flexfit Hats Wholesale Programme

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The Flexfit Hats Wholesale Programme is a way to make an income selling baseball-style hats. There are five things you need to do to make a hat business successful:

1. Know your customer

Although Flexfit hats are worn by a wide range of people, most businesses market to a particular profile. Know your typical customer by age, where they shop, how much they tend to spend and what they are into. This can inform the type of Flexfit caps you order and the choice of designs that are embroidered or printed on custom caps.

2. Know your competition

There are a lot of retailers selling Flexfit caps, so get to know what styles they are selling, the prices they charge, where they sell and how they market. This can guide your choice of Flexfit hats and how much you charge.

3. Calculate your costs

There are two main categories of cost – the cost of buying the hats, and your running expenses including staff wages, energy, renting premises and marketing.

At Flexfit, we will quote for the wholesale price of blank hats and the cost of custom designed caps.

4. Finance

If you are starting or expanding a business, you may need finance which can come from your own funds, investors or a loan.

5. Make a plan

After you have gathered all the above information, create a detailed business plan and note each action required to run and grow the business. Put together financial projections that forecast income, expenses and calculate profits.

At first, it may seem complex to run a successful business, but if you take it one step at a time, the whole process can be simplified. There are many businesses that have joined the Flexfit Hats Wholesale Programme that are successful. Some sell blank hats, others have customised their own headwear. Branding companies print or embroider their customers’ own designs on Flexfit hats to turn them into promotional products that raise brand awareness.

At Flexfit, we want your business to succeed and can provide all the help you need to choose a range of Flexfit hats to sell. Our in-house designers assist you in creating a range of custom Flexfit hats.

Flexfit hats have a wide appeal. Wearers appreciate our philosophy of making premium hats using environmentally friendly manufacturing process, so why not benefit from the high demand for Flexfit caps?

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