How Flexfit baseball caps are more than just visual

How baseball caps are

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There’s no denying that caps look great, but at Flexfit, we believe there’s more to a hat than meets the eye. A top-quality cap needs to do more than simply look the part – it should also feel great, and have qualities that satisfy our other senses too.

As humans, we have five senses: sight, touch, hearing, scent and taste. We believe we have built caps that stimulate at least four of these:


The first impression we get of a cap is what it looks like, whether it’s online or in a physical store, and Flexfit baseball caps are designed to have an instant visual appeal. Caps like the Flexfit Delta include special, technology-enhanced tape on the inside to avoid stitching and give the cap a more uniform, compact look.

We encourage you to bring your personality to your choice of cap and pick a style and shape that suits you. This could mean selecting a particular shape of crown, such as a rounded or boxed one, or choosing an eye-catching colour combination or logo.

It’s important that caps keep looking great long after they’ve left the shop shelf, which is why many of ours include technology like 360 Degree Stretch and Permacurve to allow them to be adjusted repeatedly without losing shape.


Naturally, having seen a cap you like, the next thing you’ll want to do is try it on, and a good-looking cap is no use if it feels uncomfortable.

Our caps are designed to be lightweight, yet snug and secure. Made from first-rate, technologically advanced materials in keeping with our Manufacturing Innovative Excellence promise, our Zero Defect approach means all Flexfit baseball caps are free of any the flaws or blemishes that might irritate you as a wearer.

From the moment you put them on your head to the second you take them off, our caps offer a comfortable, cool and dry sensation to keep your hair and skin happy.


Caps may not instantly make you think of any noises, but there are certain sounds the cap connoisseur can really appreciate.

Perhaps the most distinctive of these is with the closure option for the Classics Snapback, which gets its name from the noise made when you fasten or unfasten the closing at the back. It’s a satisfying sound that reminds you of a solid, secure and stylish fit.

Even something as simple as the gentle yet snug sound of the cap going onto your head is an example of the small nuances of quality caps that can make the difference.


The smell of a brand new cap is pleasant and fresh, but this is probably not so much the case after it’s been worn for a while! This is something we’ve thought about at Flexfit though, with the introduction of odour resistant, anti-bacterial technology to the Delta cap. All our caps are made to be as lightweight and breathable as possible too, helping to keep your hat (and your head) smelling fresh.

And as for taste, well, you’ll be showing you have a great taste in fashion and practicality if you make Flexfit baseball caps your first choice in headwear.

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