Flexfit baseball hats remind visitors of their positive experience


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Customised Flexfit baseball caps make ideal tourist attraction souvenirs.

People love to travel to new places, where they take pictures on their smartphones to upload to social media. As well as photos to remind them of their trip, they like physical souvenirs. Baseball caps with the logo or image of the attraction are popular souvenirs.

Light or dark

Most people go to attractions that make them feel happy. Places of natural beauty such as mountains and lakes inspire people, Disneyland celebrates the wonder of childhood.

Some attractions are darker. The success of the TV miniseries Chernobyl has led to a 40% increase in tourists visiting the area of the nuclear power station explosion. A souvenir shop sells Chernobyl-themed baseball hats.

Custom Flexfit baseball hats are suitable for all types of attractions.

Attracting more visitors

People love wearing Flexfit baseball hats. Every time they are seen in hats branded with a tourist attraction image, they act as unpaid advertisers for the attraction. People that see the hats are more likely to want to visit the attraction themselves.

If someone does not know about the attraction, they may ask the hat wearer about it, so the person with the Flexfit custom hat becomes a brand ambassador for the attraction. They may show pictures of the attraction on their phone to increase interest.

Extra income

Not all attractions are on the scale of Disneyland, attracting huge numbers of paying visitors each year. Natural places like mountains, lakes and parks do not charge, but still have expenses to pay for keeping information centres open and employing wardens. Selling customised Flexfit baseball hats is one way to make money to help pay for the upkeep of the attraction.

Flexfit helps

At Flexfit, we are here for both profit-making businesses and nonprofit organisations. Our Design Programme is a bespoke service that helps organisations create their own unique style of hats. We work closely with designers to make sure that image files are suitable for printing or embroidering onto our caps. We help with style, colour /nd fabric selection so that custom caps are the best fit for an organisation.

Minimum orders are low, and prices are not expensive. Order caps for the staff to wear and sell them to visitors. Flexfit baseball hats are quality headwear that people are proud to wear. They are manufactured to the highest standards and reflect the prestige of a tourist attraction.

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