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Many people wear custom baseball caps with a logo printed or embroidered on them, but some people pefer the simplicity of Flexfit blank hats.

The origins of logos on baseball hats

The first baseball caps were used by baseball players as practical headwear. Fans wanted to emulate their favourite stars and began wearing baseball hats with the team badge on them.

Oil companies gave away trucker hats with their logos on them to truck drivers, and seed and farm equipment companies followed by giving rural workers baseball hats with their logo printed on the hats.

Companies use custom Flexfit caps because they raise brand awareness. People wearing them become “walking billboards” who advertise the brand logo.

The no logo movement

In her 1999 book ‘No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies’, Naomi Klein urged individuals to give up brand loyalty and reject commercial logos. She is credited with inspiring the No Logo movement whose adherents reject commercial logos and refuse to wear clothing with logos on them.

Some clothing companies, including Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters and H&M, have either stopped using logos on their clothing or made them very subtle. This could be a market tactic to cater to people who like the minimalist look of their clothing – simple styles in plain colours and little ornamentation with no logos.

For people who dislike logos and don’t want to advertise their brand choices, Flexfit blank hats are an ideal choice of headwear. They appeal to people who like headwear in plain colours based on the classic, almost timeless, baseball hat style.

Adding extra decoration

Not everyone that dislikes wearing logos wants a plain style hat. They like to customise Flexfit blank hats with their own designs by stitching buttons, fabric pieces and sequins onto their blank caps. People who want to express their own individuality rather than their brand loyalty want unique hats that no one else wears.

The Flexfit Blank Hat Programme

To serve the many people who don’t want a logo, entrepreneurs can join the Flexfit Blank Hat Programme and purchase blank hats at wholesale prices to resell. Alternatively, you can submit an original design and the Flexfit team will create customised hats. These can be sold as your own line of logo-free original design hats.

At Flexfit, we cater for both hat wearers who love logos and those who prefer to leave them out.

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