Flexfit caps – hats to be worn more than just the once!


Flexfit caps are suitable for wearing most days, but of course this isn’t the case for all items of headwear. Some of designed more for special, one-off occasions.

Popes, for example, used to wear a gold tiara at their coronation, but this custom was abolished by Pope John Paul I. The great tiara that was worn in the ceremony is on display at the Vatican and is estimated to be worth $10m (£7.6m).

A hat inspired by the Great Barrier Reef of Australia was worn at the Milan fashion show in 2007, but has not been worn since. It is for sale at $200,000, but remains unsold.

Wedding hats are often worn only once. A ribbon bow and pink bun hat worn by Princess Beatrice at her wedding cost £134,000 and has not been seen on her head since then.

Some celebrity hats, like Charlie Chaplin’s Bowler, did not originally cost a lot, but are now worth so much that no one dares wear them.

Luckily, Flexfit baseball caps cost a tiny fraction of the value of these famous hats. They are made to be worn every day and are constructed with quality materials that will last a long time. A hat worn on all occasions must be both comfortable and practical, and Flexfit caps certainly are.

Hats that cost a fortune are designed to impress, but are rarely worn more than once. Flexfit caps also impress, but do so time and time again.

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