Flexfit custom hats as wearable art

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People love wearing Flexfit custom hats because they look stylish, are comfortable to wear and are very practical. Unique designs on Flexfit caps can turn them into works of art.

Hats as art

The baseball cap has been around a long time and is practical headwear. People look fashionable wearing Flexfit caps, but most people do not see caps as art themselves. The Chicago Bulls baseball teams changed that in 2019 when they commissioned local artists to create designs to go on their caps. As a way of saying thank you, they gave away 10,000 of these unique custom baseball hats to their loyal fans.

DesignBy Humans is an organisation that says it has:

“The simple vision of bringing artists from around the globe together to give them a platform to produce wearable art that tells a story, strengthens humanity and inspires life through creativity and design.”

The organisation sells a range of Yupoong baseball hats with original designs created by artists from all over the world. They have taken snapbacks and dad hats and decorated them with original logos and striking images. The hats are sold as wearable art, with wearers enjoying the unique designs while enjoying all the benefits of the technology of comfortable and practical caps.

Designing your own Flexfit custom hats

Most Flexfit caps are customised by businesses, sports teams or organisations. They are usually printed or embroidered with a brand logo or sports team badge. Organisations want their caps to look stylish, but do not usually see them as art.

Individuals can express their creativity by designing images that are printed or embroidered on Flexfit custom hats to turn them into wearable art. At Flexfit, we have a design team that can advise on the best graphics specifications for the designs.

Simple designs using one or two colours work well on Flexfit hats, and generally, the designs should be in a colour that contrasts with the hat colour. Printed images look fine, but many people prefer the look of 3D embroidered graphics. Most custom hat designers like the image to be located on the front centre of the crown, though there is no fixed rule about this – designs can be printed on the side of the crown, and this can be effective.

If you use Flexfit Snapbacks, you only need to order one size, as it will fit all head sizes. Minimum orders are low, so producing your first hats will not be expensive.

Getting people to wear your hats

After the hats have been made and delivered, you want people to wear them. There are several websites that specialise in selling original art items where you can sell the hats. Hats can also be marketed on your own website or sold to shops for resale. If custom hats are promoted as limited editions, they can be sold at premium prices.

If you would like your own range of custom Flexfit hats, talk to a member of the Flexfit team, who will be on hand to help you express your artistic talents.

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