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Businesses become successful by offering quality products their customers love. They recognise that Flexfit shares their commitment to quality, which is why they choose Flexfit for their custom hats.

Why Flexfit custom hats?

Custom hats are a good business promotional tool that raises brand awareness. A logo leather patch or embroidered on a cap is valuable advertising when people are seen wearing their custom hats.

Many businesses give away promotional items such as pens, mugs, T-shirts and diaries. Some promotional items such as ballpoint pens are cheap to purchase and print with a brand identity. However, cheap promotional items have a major drawback – they look throwaway and will not last. An ordinary ballpoint pen may be useful, but it will not be valued the same way a quality item is.

The advantage of Flexfit custom hats is that they look stylish, are practical and are premium quality. Flexfit has over 40 years of experience in making headwear and only sources quality components and fabrics to make hats. Flexfit factories have a ”zero-defect” quality control system, eradicating errors in manufacture.

At Flexfit, our policy is to make well-made hats without harming the environment. All materials used exceed international environmental standards and our factories have minimal effect on the environment.

Brand loyalty

Wearers love Flexfit hats and are more likely to become loyal to the brand and the company that appears on their Flexfit custom hat. Many users wear their Flexfit hats every day and are happy to show their brand loyalty. Businesses are glad that the hats are designed to last. Unlike lesser-quality baseball hats, Flexfit caps will not look worn after a few wears. Permacurve technology keeps the hats looking fresh by making sure that the visor keeps its shape.

Partnering with Flexfit

Partnering with Flexfit to have your own line of custom hats is straightforward. Our Custom Design team will help you create designs suitable for printing or embroidering on your hats. We will help you choose your hat styles, colours and optional features. You can choose hats that come in one size and adjust to fit all head sizes, or order a range of sizes of other hat styles.

A prototype hat will be produced for you to access the look and quality of the hat. After the order of custom Flexfit hats has been delivered, they can either be given away or sold to your clients.

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