Flexfit custom hats turn customers into brand ambassadors

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Custom Flexfit hats offer a very cost effective way of highlighting your brand, transforming wearers into sellers by making them ‘brand ambassadors’.

What are brand ambassadors?

A brand ambassador is a person who raises brand awareness in order to increase sales. Perhaps the most valuable brand ambassadors are celebrities who endorse products to their fans. Bloggers and social media influencers can also be recruited as ambassadors.

Celebrity and social media brand supporters are expensive to recruit but can be worth it for the value they bring to a brand.

The customers

Another type of brand ambassadors are your customers. If they like your products, they will tell their friends. This word-of-mouth promotion is free. Some businesses offer incentives to get customers’ friends to use products or services by giving money or other incentives if a friend signs up to a company’s services. This does cost money but compares favourably to the price of recruiting customers through advertising.

The role of Flexfit custom hats

Another way to recruit ambassadors is through promotional apparel such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps. Every time a person wears a branded item of clothing they become brand ambassadors, though that is not probably the name they apply to themselves. T-shirts and sweatshirts are fine, but few people wear them every day.

The advantage of Flexfit baseball caps is that people love them so much that they wear them all the time. People see others wearing a baseball cap with a brand logo and are reminded of the brand. If they have not heard of the brand they often ask the wearer about it. This is when the cap wearer becomes a brand ambassador, telling interested people about their experience with the brand. This experience is bound to be positive, otherwise they would not wear the hats.

Many brands give away custom Flexfit baseball caps to their followers because of their promotional value. High-profile brands sometimes sell hats to their fans who are willing to pay good money for the chance to wear a unique hat.

Your own custom baseball hats

You don’t have to be a large company to benefit from Flexfit custom hats. Minimum order sizes are small, which makes producing your own branded custom hats inexpensive.

At Flexfit, we want your business to succeed and our Custom Design Programme team is here to help design and manufacture your own unique Flexfit custom hats.

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