Flexfit expands to Saudi Arabia


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Flexfit, makers of high quality headwear, is establishing a presence Saudi Arabia.

The Flexfit brand is established in Europe, India, Russia, USA and many Middle Eastern countries. Now, Saudi residents and businesses can enjoy caps that combine stylish looks with quality materials and manufacturing.

Bandar, operations manager of Flexfit KSA said:

“[I am] very excited with this great opportunity and looking forward to change the way people in KSA value headwear.”

Flexfit caps are available in leading Saudi Arabia outlets. The company specialises in producing hats that can be customised with a customer’s own image or text that they can associate with the well-known Flexfit brand. For example, some retailers sell Flexfit baseball style caps with the words ‘Saudi Arabia’ printed on them in a distinctive font, or bearing the widely recognised flag of the country, that are sold as souvenirs of KSA.

The Flexfit blank hats program is a way for businesses to fully make the Flexfit hat their own. Caps can be branded with a company logo and slogan to raise brand awareness. These can be sold or given away to promote your business.

Flexfit manufactures quality headwear that is both fashionable and practical, and the innovative technology behind it means that the caps stay on the head even during vigorous exercise, and feel comfortable when worn all day. They are designed to keep the wearer’s head cool and dry on hot Saudi Arabia days, while feeling comfortable in air-conditioned buildings. Flexfit caps are available in a variety of fabrics and styles to suit everyone.

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