Flexfit hats – 45 years in the quest for perfection


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Flexfit has been making hats for over 40 years and we never stop learning and advancing. We make premium quality hats that incorporate unique technology.

Like all products, there is always room for improvement, which means that Flexfit will continue to innovate towards making the perfect baseball hat. For now, Flexfit caps are the premier hat brand in the world, but that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels.

A brief history

Yupoong Inc., which makes Flexfit hats, was established in South Korea in 1974. In 1987, our first factory was built in the Dominican Republic. In 2000, a Bangladesh factory was established, followed in 2006 by a factory in Vietnam.

In 2001, the ‘Zero Defect’ policy was established ,which aims for every hat that is manufactured to have no flaws.

Yupoong’s vision has been continual expansion and innovation. We are the leading maker of custom headwear with a reputation for quality items at value-for-money prices.

The future

Yupoong is the leading innovator of headwear technology and continues to research and develop techniques to make better hats. Yupoong is never complacent and strives towards creating the perfect hat. Yupoong/Flexfit hats particularly appeal to high-class brands who partner with Yupoong because they know that Flexfit hats are of premium quality.

There is a wide range of Flexfit styles including the Classic, Trucker, Dad, Flexfit Delta, Flexfit 110, Flexfit 210 and Snapback. Other styles may be added to the range, but for now, we have hats in styles, colours and fabrics to suit most people.

Where to see Flexfit hats

Flexfit hats are seen everywhere, though you may not be aware that you are seeing them. Many companies, sports teams and other organisations have their own custom Flexfit hats. You may not be able to see a Flexfit brand logo on them, but beneath the custom design is a Flexfit hat. Our caps are worn all over the world, from Europe, to Asia, to Australia and America.

Flexfit blank hats can be purchased from leading clothing and sports retailers. They come with a Flexfit sticker, which some wearers keep on to show their support of the Flexfit brand, whiet others take theirs off to make the caps anonymous.

When you see someone wearing a baseball cap, the chances are high that it is a Flexfit one. At Flexfit, our caps are as close as possible to perfection, but still work to improve them.

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