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There is a wide variety of Flexfit hats available. Many wearers own a collection of hats so that they can wear different ones to suit an occasion or their mood.

One hat, many looks

A team of entrepreneurs in the USA recognises that people like to have a variety of hats to go with different outfits and create different moods, and have produced stick-on patches for baseball hats. Their target audience is students living in accommodation with limited storage space. Instead of struggling to find space for lots of hats, one hat can instantly change its looks by simply sticking a patch on it. All you need are lots of patches to have many different hat styles.

It’s a novel idea, but many people prefer to own lots of Flexfit hats in different styles, colours and fabrics.

Bright hats

When you want to be noticed, wear a bright red or blue Flexfit hat. Meet friends’ for a drink, or play a casual game of football or volleyball wearing a brightly coloured hat.

Custom Flexfit hats with bright logos suit upbeat activities. Whenever you want to see the bright side of life, wear a vibrant Flexfit hat.

More serious

Black or grey Flexfit hats are more formal. They can be worn with smart trousers or a plain skirt. The monotone look of white, grey and black is for when you are in the mood to get things done, apply for that new job, recruit more clients for your business or write a presentation.

Wear a grey or black baseball hat when you are serious about the task at hand.


Camo pattern Flexfit hats are great for wearing outside in the natural environment. Their military look is associated with adventure or extreme sports.

Expressing creativity

There is a growing number of people who express their feelings by decorating blank Flexfit caps. This can be done by simply drawing on a white hat with a permanent marker or sewing a patch on the hat. For more ambitious designs, sequins are sewn or designs are embroidered on hats. Beads or scraps of materials can be stitched onto hats to create original designs.

At Flexfit, we make a wide variety of hats to suit every mood and occasion. You don’t need a reason or a special occasion to wear Flexfit hats. Start your day wearing your favourite Flexfit cap and see what the day brings.

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