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Anyone who loves the outdoors whether it is for hunting, fishing, combat training, or anything in between knows the importance of high-quality camo but can’t always find it. Thanks to input from top military professionals and experienced hunters, the search for the best camo headwear is over with the introduction of Kryptek.

Kryptek headwear is designed for any potential backcountry scenario and targets not only outdoor enthusiasts, but also the everyday style-conscious wearer. These caps strike the perfect balance between fashion and function – you will find yourself wearing it almost wherever you go.

Combining the quality materials, style, and technology of Flexfit with iconic Kryptek patterns makes this range bestselling. These Kryptek patterns are, Typhon, Highlander, Wraith, Raid, and Pontus. Each pattern offers the wearer something different and you are guaranteed to find the right piece of headwear to suit your needs in this collection.


Kryptek Typhon allows you to blend into your surroundings in urban settings. The dark colour and pattern give it a modern and stylish look which will keep your head cool on a hot day and be your go to hat to wear around town.


Kryptek Highlander is specifically made to suit geographical regions and areas that have varying, uneven surfaces such as sage, desert, and open terrain. The neutral, sandy colour helps to blend into your surroundings and stay protected from any predators that could be lurking.


Kryptek Raid is made for the urban jungle and any close contact combat. The muddy shades of brown in the pattern help to disguise you into the natural look of the jungle and get ahead of your enemies.


Kryptek Wraith is built for the harshest of weather conditions. It’s pure white design provides cover in the snow and ice and when temperatures plummet your head will be protected. In snowy locations it’s difficult not to stand out from the picturesque white surroundings but the Wraith piece of headwear offers the perfect concealment.


Designed with the angler in mind Kryptek Pontus gives you the advantage of stealth and surprise in and around the water. Fish and other underwater inhabitants are easily spooked by humans, but the Pontus headwear will help you become part of the setting with the watery blue colours and patterns, giving you the best chance of success when casting your line.

The features that make this Flexfit Kryptek headwear different from the rest

This range of Kryptek caps are made from Flexfit technology which includes an original stretch fit that forms around the crown of the cap and an elastic fibre for an extra secure but versatile fit for any head. Comfort is just as important as the look when it comes to headwear and this has been a key focus in designing the new range.

Also, the visor on each cap comes with Permacurv technology that ensures it maintains its proper shape and curve at all times. These caps are likely to be used in intense situations, such as hunting, where you would not want your vision or concentration to be impacted by the visor getting in your eyeline or generally being distracting if it isn’t secure. Poor quality headwear in a scenario like this could potentially put you in danger, which the founders of Kryptek were well aware of, and this has encouraged their passion in creating the highest standard of Camo patterns which we at Flexfit have integrated with our high standard of headwear for the outdoor user.

Another impressive feature of these caps is that they are made with water repellent fabric so will stay dry under challenging circumstances. This is extremely beneficial in all five designs of the Kryptek because no matter where or when you are using the cap you don’t want to be distracted and uncomfortable after a good downpour.

Trucker mesh

The YP Classics Kryptek Retro Trucker designs are available with premium trucker mesh fabric incorporated into them. The mesh provides increased breathability for your head as well as being highly durable and lightweight. As with the Kryptek Flexfit caps this range also has a 6-panel structure with a silver under visor and a matching plastic snap with 8 rows of stitching on the visor. The mesh option is popular for those who are frequently outdoors in hot weather as it helps to keep your head cool which benefits your overall health if you need to be outside in those conditions on a regular basis.

The mesh in caps is a timeless look that provides comfort and style whether you are hunting in the backcountry or hitting the town.

Kryptek in Hollywood

Yes you read that right, several Hollywood blockbusters of recent years have opted to utilise Kryptek camo in their films. These films include Jurassic World, The Expendables 3, and American Sniper. Large scale action films today are trying to stay true to life with their characters’ clothes and Kryptek camo is the ideal choice both in look and function to match that action.

The collaboration between Kryptek and Flexfit to create this 2021 collection will make an unbeatable product on the market for outdoor headwear. Be sure to check out the five amazing designs in more detail to find the right cap that will suit your needs and be the only cap you ever need.

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