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A baseball cap is a very common type of headwear worn by many types of people, but to make your cap distinctive, it needs to be personalised.

Start with a blank hat and add a logo, slogan or other image to the crown, and your custom baseball cap will look different from other headwear.

Fashion is about making statement about your identity, who you are and what you stand for. The hip-hop and rap artists of the ‘90s adopted the baseball hat as a symbol of their movement. Hip-hop and rap style is loose baggy clothing and black baseball hats, meaning clothing worn with swagger and a sense of rebellion.

The great thing about personalised hats are that they can be an integral part of many different styles, from urban cool to a more formal look. Worn with a smart blazer, trousers and stylish shoes, personalised hats create a sophisticated look.

A personalised hat may have a logo that you love or simply contain a statement about something you believe in. For example, many people are turning to a vegan lifestyle and have hats with quotes that express their belief, such as:

“I think, therefore I’m vegan.”
“Save billions – eat vegan”

These may be controversial statements, but they get the hat wearers noticed and express their identity.

If you fancy yourself as a fashion designer, want to promote a campaign, or are a business that needs to increase brand awareness, you can order custom Flexfit hats printed or embroidered with your own designs, which you can either give away or sell.

To get started, talk to a member of the Flexfit custom design program about designing your own line of personalised Flexfit hats. Make your Flexfit personalised hats distinctive – they should be hats that get you noticed and express who you are.

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