Flexfit Snapback caps – an essential part of the streetwear look


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Many people wear a Flexfit Snapback cap as a staple of their streetwear style.

What is streetwear?

Streetwear was established in California by skate and surf enthusiasts. They liked wearing snapbacks hats when skating and surfing because they provide sun protection, and the snapback mechanism fits the cap firmly on the head so that it does not fall off when practising their sport. Surfers and skateboarders tended not to take their snapbacks off after they had stopped surfing or skating.

Hip hop artists in the ‘80s and ‘90s adopted snapbacks as part of their style. This took snapbacks away from their strict association with sport and made them into hats to wear on the street.

Modern streetwear is enjoyed by all types of people. There are many styles of it, but what they have in common is an expression of an easygoing attitude and individualism. Streetwear is affordable fashion and does not require wearing expensive designer brands to look fashionable. Young people love the style and create individual looks by matching different combinations of sportswear-influenced clothing.

Like all fashion trends, fashion designers have joined in the streetwear scene, with famous brands such as Gucci, Fendi and Burberry designing streetwear-style clothes. Flexfit is a well-loved brand whose hats go with any make or style of streetwear. Wearers love Flexfit Snapbacks for their stylish looks and their practical features. Our hats are premium quality headwear at an affordable price.

Most streetwear, trousers, tops and coats, are loose fitting for comfort, except the Flexfit Snapback cap which fits firmly but still feels comfortable. Streetwear is suitable for an active lifestyle. Street dancing was, as its name suggests, started in the street. Street dancers wear loose clothing to allow for free movement, but need a cap that stays on while performing backflips and other athletic moves. Snapbacks are ideal for this.

Customising streetwear

Streetwear people express their individuality by customising their clothes. Badges are worn, coloured laces added to shoes, and Flexfit Snapback caps are customised. Major brands print or embroider their logos and slogans on Snapbacks. Individuals can add badges or stitch sequins or buttons on their custom Flexfit caps to personalise them. There are several companies that will add a custom graphic or text to a blank Flexfit snapback hat.

At Flexfit, we feel part of the streetwear movement by supplying the baseball style hats that streetwear lovers want to wear.

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