Flexfit works with your business to develop unique hats

Flexfit works with your bus

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Flexfit is part of the family of Yupoong hats. Our customised services are designed for you to create unique headwear of superior quality.

The benefits of Flexfit/Yupoong hats

Flexfit has developed a range of hats that combine stylish looks with cutting-edge technology. Our hats are chosen for their fashionable looks and their exceptional performance qualities.

Caps are constructed from fabric panels that are attached using customer tape rather than stitched. This creates a seamless look. They are designed to be worn outside in all weathers, with many of them waterproof and windproof. The fabric is breathable to prevent sweating in warm weather.

Flexfit caps are designed to be extremely comfortable when worn all day long, nor will they fall off during high-intensity exercise. Permacurve technology can be found on many of our caps, ensuring the visor will keep its shape – it can be adjusted to be straight or curved.

Unique hats

Yupoong/Flexfit is the leading international manufacturer of headgear. Yupoong hats’ wholesale services work with businesses to develop new caps specially designed for their individual use.

Caps can be fully customised to make them unique. Accessories, trims, fabrics and colour finishes can be made to a buyer’s specifications. You can create a unique headwear collection, which you can sell to your customers or use to promote your brand.

If you have a vision of what the caps of the future will look like, bring this vision to life by working with us on innovative cap designs.

We produce baseball style caps and knitted caps, and they can adapt any of their standard designs to your specifications. All hats are designed well and made to last. A customised hat is a quality product that companies are proud to call their own.

Branding and personalisation

A Yupoong/Flexfit hat can contain graphics and text to brand it and make it personal. Logos and text can be printed on the cap, or embroidered to make it stand out. For a classic luxury look, leather patches embossed with an image or message can be stitched to the hat.

Branding can be added to any position on the cap, from sides or back.

Who is Yupoong?

Yupoong is a South Korean designer and manufacturer. Started in the 1970s, the firm is dedicated to innovation, excellent quality and a high standard of service.

Yupoong’s philosophy is that hats are not just practical headwear, they are part of a person’s identity, to be customised to fit the wearer’s personality. Yupoong hats are designed for performance and to look fantastic.

The manufacturer has created many innovative processes to make caps perform well in all weathers. Active people rely on our hats to protect them from the elements and achieve a secure fit while running, climbing or during other extreme physical activities.

Yupoong is concerned about the environment too, and manufactures hats with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Explore Yupoong hats’ wholesale service to discover how customised Flexfit hats can benefit your business. Whether you need a few hundred or a few thousand hats, you can rely on Yupoong to deliver quality and identity right down to each individual cap.

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