Forget about cap sizes with the Flexfit One Ten Snapback


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The Flexfit One Ten Snapback, or 110 hat, is a one-size-fits-all cap. The efficient snapback mechanism makes the cap suitable for all head sizes. One Ten stands for “one hat to fit all ten head sizes”, as there are ten standard sizes of head.

Many choices

The Flexfit 110 cap is a mid-profile, six panel cap with a curved visor. Though you don’t have to choose a size, there are many other options for the One Ten. First, there is the fabric – choose from a wool blend, polyester, or Spandex blend fabric.

The One Ten is available in several colours, either one-colour hats or a contrasting shade of visor.

There are performance options, sweatbands that prevent the build-up of moisture and odour, visors that keep their shape and quick drying performance fabrics. The adjustable strap makes sure that the hat stays on and feels comfortable when exercising, running or playing sport.

The One Ten shares the same design philosophy as all Flexfit caps. They look stylish are practical, made with quality materials and designed to last.

The custom Flexfit 110 Snapback

The One Ten hat is a favourite with organisations that want custom hats. The one-size-fits-all benefit means that they don’t have to worry about ordering different sizes or giving them to a person who won’t wear the hat because it doesn’t fit.

Graphics can be printed or embroidered on One Tens. Conventionally, images are placed on the centre of the crown, but the hats are flexible enough for off-centre designs or logos printed on the visor.

Business and organisations like the Flexfit 110 Snapback hat because they look good and are a premium quality product that can be sold or given away as promotional clothing. There is an almost universal like of baseball style hats, which means that people loyal to a brand love wearing them.

Fashion designers like the 110 and create unique designs that turn the cap into and in-demand fashion item that fits with many fashion styles.

Getting started

If you want your own Flexfit 110 Snapback cap, they are stocked by many fashion retailers, sportswear shops and online dealers. For your own branded Flexfit 110 cap, why not talk to us at Flexfit? Our Customer Design Programme team will help you, from initial design ideas, to delivery of the finished custom One Ten Snapback caps.

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