Forget about hat sizes with the Flexfit One Ten Snapback

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There used to be a time when finding the right size cap was difficult, but the Flexfit One Ten Snapback changed all that because it is adjustable to fit all head sizes. This is achieved through the clever snapback mechanism which adjusts itself to fit all heads, small to large.

They not only fit well, but they are also extremely comfortable. The Flexfit One Ten Snapback can be worn all day in comfort and will not fall off when performing hard exercising.

The One Ten, also known as the 110, gets its name from the phrase “one size to fit all ten head sizes”.

Custom Flexfit 110 Snapbacks

The Flexfit 110 Snapback is the ideal Flexfit cap if you want your own line of custom caps. Custom designs can be embroidered or printed on the caps to make them unique.

The blank One Ten cap looks stylish, but individualised graphics on the caps add an extra style level. Fashion designers like to add their own line of unique One Ten caps to heir fashion range. Sports fans wear One Tens printed with their team badge to show their support. Businesses like their own caps to raise awarenesses of their brand. Tech start-ups encourage their staff to wear custom caps to show they part of the team.

Get started

Whatever the reason for wanting custom Flexfit 110 Snapback caps, get started on your special caps by contacting the Flexfit Custom Design program. The Flexfit team is here to get your design ideas made into caps. They take you through the process of style and colour choices and advise on graphic designs.

To test out design ideas, minimum orders are not high and of course, you only need one size of hat for all your wearers to try on to see how they feel about your Flexfit hats.

Once people see the Flexfit 110 Snapback they tend to fall in love with them. They appreciate their stylish looks and well as how they are made. The materials used in the hats are great quality and Flexfit makes sure that every cap is strong and made to last when worn every day.

At Flexfit, we want you to have a line of our caps that you are proud to sell or give away. Get started on your caps by talking to us today.

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