Four steps to make money with the Yupoong Hats Wholesale Programme


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The Yupoong Hats Wholesale Program is a chance to make money by selling Yupoong Flexfit caps. One of the easiest and least costly ways of doing this is through an online store. There are four steps you need to take to make this successful.

1. Create an ecommerce website

To set up a website you will first need a domain name and a web hosting company. Every domain on the internet has to be unique, so the challenge is to find a name that no one else has used. Domain names are not expensive but there is usually a small yearly fee.

There are many web hosting companies. A basic web hosting package is usually sufficient for a small site. Bandwidth may be restricted which limits how many visitors can access the site. This will not be a problem for a new site, but when your site becomes very successful you can upgrade your hosting package to cope with a large number of visitors.

Hosting will also include email addresses for your domain name. You will need an SSL certificate that adds security to the site.

It is recommended that you use a web design company that is experienced in ecommerce. If the budget is limited, there are several shopping site applications available to create an ecommerce site yourself.

2. Order Yupoong hats

After you have a domain name, a hosting package and have a general idea of the site design, you need some inventory to sell. At Flexfit, we have many styles of Yupoong hats. You could buy the full range of hats in different colours, or stick to the most popular styles such as the Flexfit 110 and the Dad hat.

You can order blank hats or make your range of hats unique by adding printed or embroidered images to them. Custom hats are recommended because they make your range of hats stand out from competitors selling blank Yupoong hats. The Yupoong Custom Design Program can produce your custom caps.

3. Online promotion

You’ll not get many visitors to a website without promotion. Set up social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Consider pay per click Google ads.

There are many things to do to make your website rank high in the search engine results. Adding content in the form of blogs, news and articles helps. Find the keywords that people use to search for your site and include them in your content.

4. Offline promotion

Promote your website offline. Hand out business cards to people you meet, book adverts in magazines and newspapers. Have stalls at fairs, festivals and exhibitions where you can sell Yupoong hats and promote your website.

Baseball style hats are very popular with people of all ages and genders. With the help of the Yupoong Hats Wholesale Program and the right business strategy, money can be made selling Yupoong’s Flexfit hats. Talk to us today about how you can get started with the Yupoong Hats Wholesale Program.

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