Four ways to make Flexfit custom hats your own


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At Flexfit, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate in personalisation and flexibility when it comes to headwear. We’re aware that everyone looks for something different in hats, and wants to make their caps an extension of who they are and what they wear.

Caps like the Flexfit 110 and Flexfit 210 come in distinctive styles, but you might be looking for something that’s just a little bit more ‘you’. Perhaps you like the style and shape of a hat, but there’s just a small detail or two you would love to change?

With Flexfit custom hats, you can tailor your order to come up with a hat as unique as you are. Here are four ways you can take one of our striking hats and tweak it to make it your own:

1. Logos and branding

An obvious way to personalise a cap is to actually add wording or a design to it. At Flexfit, we use top-quality embroidering to add the text, image or graphic or your choice to any part of the cap.

The front panel just above the forehead is the most obvious place to do this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. Many of our clients like to have a design added to the peak or even the back of their caps.

This is often done for business or branding reasons, but other cap-wearers just want their own logos or slogans added for personal use, or perhaps with a view to building their own cap brand.

2. Closure options

For a lot of wearers, the back of the cap is as important as the front – especially if you’re a back-to-front wearer. The closure option adds both style and a snug fit to the caps you wear.

The Snapback is perhaps the most recognised closure option, consisting of several notches and slots that make a pleasing snapping sound when fixed in place or detached. Some cap lovers, meanwhile, prefer the classy addition of a buckle to tighten or loosen their caps.

3. Visor options

Many of our caps come with a range of visor options, meaning you can choose a straight or curved peak. Caps like the YP Classics Snapback include our patented Permacurve technology to help you personalise your peak every time you wear the cap.

If you like a cap but aren’t sure about the visor it comes with, speak to us and we’ll provide a quote for a customised version.

4. Various shapes

Depending on the shape and size of your head, you may prefer your cap to have a rounded or boxier crown. Whatever your preference, most of our caps come with multi-shape options. If you see one that doesn’t come in the shape you want, again, speak to us and we’ll see what we can do.

As you can see, with Flexfit, it’s never a case of one size fits all. We always strive to provide hats that, whether for commercial or personal use, deliver a real identity.

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