Frequently asked questions about the Yupoong dad hat

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Dad hats have been around for decades, but are they relevant today or just old-fashioned headwear?

What is a dad hat?

A dad hat is a type of baseball hat made from cotton. It has a low curve visor and six panels in the crown.

Are dad hats fashionable?

Dad hats got their name because they used to be the hats your dad wore, and were not particularly not cool or trendy. This has changed after high-profile rap and hip-hop artists were seen wearing dad hats and made them relevant today’s generation.

Who wears dad hats?

The short answer is that anyone can wear a dad hat, but generally, they are for people who care about the image they present to the world. They are for those who like to buy quality clothes that are stylish and will not go out of date after a short time.

A dad hat wearer may not be interested in the latest fashion trends, but prefers classic looks.

The is no age limit to wearing Yupoong dad hats, people of all ages, genders and outlooks wear dad hats – including dads, of course!

Should they be blank or customised?

Dad hats are available as blank or custom hats. Blank hats look stylish and come in many colours to go with different outfits. The green camo dad hat is for people who like the military or hunter look. Black, grey and white dad hats are for those who prefer a neutral classic look. Eye-catching shades like pink and bright orange make more of a bold statement, suggesting you like to break from the norm.

Many wearers prefer customised caps with distinctive logos or snappy slogans on them. Blank or custom? It’s all down to individual preferences – one is not better than the other.

Can dad hats be part of a minimalist look?

Minimalist fashion is all about black. white and grey and neutral colour palettes with no bold patterns.

The average person only regularly wears 20% of their wardrobe. Minimalists have much a much smaller number of clothes but wear everything they own regularly. They may have one or perhaps two hats at the most. The Yupoong dad hat can be worn every day, so there’s no need to own any other hat unless it’s another Yupoong hat in a different colour.

At Flexfit, we make hats for everyone. Whether you are interested in fashion or not, make your dad hat your favourite item of headwear.

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