From developing the Adustable in ’74 to the innovative Delta 2016

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Flexfit – Yupoong has a proud history that dates right back to the 1970s, but how have our caps changed over time?

Every day, we are finding new ways to make our products as innovative and industry-leading as our clients and customers expect them to be, but we can perhaps pick out six key years and developments that have shaped the history and future of our headwear, and epitomise our desire for the very best.

1974 – The Yupoong Adjustable

In Yupoong’s earliest years, the South Korean company developed a cap that has truly stood the test of time.

Just as it does today, the Yupoong Adjustable cap of 1974 had high-quality at the forefront of its manufacture. Superior blends of cotton went into its framework, delivering an appearance and performance that truly was ahead of its time. The iconic buckle closure option remains a fixture today, giving the wearer a solid, superb-looking component to secure a snug fit.

Though the Adjustable is a timeless piece of headwear and its shape and style have remained much the same throughout its 44-year history, it doesn’t mean that the design can’t be perfected. Over time, we have constantly looked at materials and designs that can expand what the Adjustable can offer, always remembering that customisation is a key part of the Flexfit mantra.

Today’s Classics Adjustable comes with woven labels and its distinctive peak sticker, maintaining the effortless class of the 1974 original.

1978 – Yupoong Snapback

As the 1970s progressed and cultures like rap, punk and hip-hop thrived, people were looking for new ways to express themselves through headwear, and the trucker cap developed from a practical accessory into a fashion statement. Step forward the Yupoong Classics Snapback in 1978.

The Snapback, so called because of the noise created by the closure option when it is fastened or loosened, remains one of the most recognisable forms of headwear you can find. It’s a bold and versatile cap that oozes confidence and style, while at the same time maximising the secure and comfortable fit you need your favourite cap to deliver.

Snapbacks have spawned a range of styles over the years, with five-, six- and seven-panel options available. Again, it’s an example of how we have built on the framework of the time-honoured original, and always looked to modernise and perfect it to cater to a selective market – one that wants a cap to truly be one of a kind.

1995 – Flexfit Cap

Fast forward to the mid-1990s and the time had come for us to start shaping the headwear that would define the new millennium. The Flexfit Cap first saw the light of day in 1995 and remains the hallmark on which base our ideas and standards.

Though simple in design, the Flexfit Cap should not be thought of as basic or plain. It integrates our sophisticated 360-degree stretch technology, and is built in keeping with our zero defect mentality. The Permacurve peak – a patented technology – allows you to adjust the visor to just the way you like it, as many times as you like, and still be confident that the cap won’t lose its shape.

Key to the popularity of the cap is its vast range of customisable factors. You can choose from a variety of shapes, styles and designs, and you can be confident of a high-quality, superbly performing cap whatever your choice. At Flexfit, our goal is always to offer as much variety as possible without skimping on quality.

2007 – 210 Fitted

The boom of the internet and the on-demand nature of 21st-Century life has made people increasingly more selective in all industries, and headwear is no different. Modern cap-wearers are looking for something that defines them and fits perfectly. The Flexfit 210 Fitted cap was developed with this in mind.

The cap comes in two main sizes – S to M, and L to XL – each of which can fit ten head sizes. This explains the name 210, pronounced ‘two ten’, giving a snappy and memorable moniker to describe the practical nature of the cap.

The 210 is about more than just a comfortable fit though – it’s also an iconic look, with its distinctive 3.75-inch crown and reinforced buckram peak. Performance is crucial too, with its moisture-absorbing sweatband making it an ideal choice for the cap-wearing athlete, as well as those who simply like to wear a cap on the streets during hot summer afternoons.

2013 – 110 Fitted

At Flexfit, we believe that a single cap should be able to function on a number of levels and deliver a range of possibilities. With the Flexfit 110 Fitted cap coming in 2013, we had produced a single-sized cap that was able to fit ten sizes of heads.

The key to this is stretchable fabric, both in the sweatband and the crown. As usual, high-quality materials and customisable options ensure the ‘one size fits all’ nature of the cap doesn’t extend to its aesthetics – you can choose from a variety of crown shapes and closure options to really individualise your hat.

2016 – Flexfit Delta

The pinnacle of our design to date is the Flexfit Delta cap. Windproof, waterproof, seam-sealed and built with thermal regulation in mind, it’s a top-of-the-range accessory that we believe to be the best cap on the market.

The future?

The timeline of the Flexfit/Yupoong partnership doesn’t end with the Delta – we are always developing new ways to make our caps move with the times, while still respecting the traditions and timelessness of the original Yupoong caps of the 1970s.

Current projects we have in motion include caps with mosquito-repellent properties, furthering our desire to form headwear that eliminates external interferences and lets you focus on your activities, whether that’s sport or simply looking your best in an urban surrounding.

With the backbone of the Adjustable and Snapback caps behind us, together with the thirst for innovation that will see us shape the future, we feel confident that Flexfit and Yupoong can look forward to many more decades of headwear creativity, and we want you to join us on our journey.

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