Give a Yupoong 110 cap and don’t worry about it fitting

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Flexfit technology makes sure that the Yupoong 110 cap fits all head sizes. This means that the cap is ideal for giving as a present, since you don’t have to know a person’s hat size to make sure that the 110 fits.

Normally, when you want to buy someone a hat as a present, you need to be careful about getting the right size. If you do not know their head size, you may have to ask them, and this rather spoils the surprise element of giving gifts.

What does ‘110’ stand for?

There are ten standard hat sizes, and the Yupoong 110 cap fits them all. The 110 name stands for one size that fits ten hat sizes, and every size in between.

Extreme comfort

Not only does the Yupoong 110 cap fit well, but it is also extremely comfortable. In a blind test in which participants wore a number of different baseball style caps, 95% of participants said that the 110 cap was the most comfortable.

To experience this comfort for yourself, try on a 110 cap at your local stockist. Yupoong caps are available at leading clothing and sportswear retailers.

Stylish and customisable

The Yupoong 110 cap is a stylish looking people of headwear that can be made unique. There are a number of style options, fabrics and colour choices available. Yupoong caps can be branded with your own logo or text, making them great gifts to give away to promote a business or organisation. The Yupoong Custom Cap Program team is available to assist in designing an item as individual as you are.


The great thing about baseball caps is that they are worn by a wide variety of people, male, female, young and old. Baseball caps look good worn in city streets, as well as while exploring the wilderness.

Baseball caps are a style that never seems to go out of fashion, worn by conservative politicians as well as trending young celebrities. It is more than likely that the person receiving the cap will love it and want to wear it often.

They say that giving is as good as receiving. Giving a Flexfit 110 cap to someone you care about will make both you and them feel good.


The person given a Yupoong 110 cap will also appreciate the quality of the cap, which is made from premium materials. They will value the technology incorporated in the caps. As well as the Flexfit system that makes the caps fit well and feel comfortable, the visor is made to keep its shape even when the cap is regularly adjusted. The sweatband absorbs moisture, helping to keep the head cool and dry in hot weather.

Yupoong caps are manufactured to the highest standards to make them a present that will last for many years when worn regularly.

Make someone feel special by giving them a Yupoong 110 cap, and why not treat yourself by buying another Yupoong 110 cap just for you?

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