Golfers should wear a Flexfit Snapback cap, not a cowboy hat

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Many golfers wear a Flexfit Snapback cap, but some high profile professional golfers wear cowboy hats that many see as headwear that should not be worn on the golf course.

The cowboy hat

Rory Sabbatini has been playing on the PGA tour for nearly 20 years, and sometimes derided for his poor taste in clothes. He was seen in the Summer of 2019 playing in a black and red cowboy hat. The hat wasn’t loved by everybody, although it didn’t stop him winning trophies.

Shingo Katayama is a Japanese golfer who also wears cowboy hats, but in a more agreeable shade of white. John Daly has a reputation for being the worst-dressed golfer, according to, having been spotted golfing in tropical Hawaiian trousers and no hat at all.

Why the hat golfers wear is important

Golfers wear baseball-style hats to show off their sponsor’s logo, but that is not the only reason. Golfers spend long hours outside in the sun so need protection. Flexfit hats have sweatbands that keep the head cool, dry and odour free. The visor keeps the face in shade and makes it easiest to see the ball against a sunny sky.

A cap needs to fit well so that it will not fall off during the golf swing. Cowboy and other hat styles may stay on, but are not necessarily comfortable. The advantage of the Flexfit Snapback is that it adjusts to fit the size of the golfer’s head in such a way that it feels very comfortable to wear during a long golf game. Golfers can forget about the hat they are wearing and focus on their game.

Flexfit caps for golf fans

Golfers at the top of the world rankings have many fans who follow their progress on the PGA tour closely. The custom snapback hats golfers wear with their sponsor’s brand on them can be purchased by fans. They may play golf in them, but also proudly wear their hats away from the golf course.

At Flexfit, we create the custom hats that golfers and golf fans love to wear. Even if you have no interest in golf, you can still wear a stylish looking Flexfit Snapback hat on any occasion. You could wear a cowboy hat, but unless you are a country music fan, you should stick to a Flexfit cap.

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