How a Yupoong Custom Snapback communicates a positive message about your business

Yupoong Custom Snapback

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The Yupoong Custom Snapback cap is a classic baseball-style hat that uses Flexfit Snapback technology so that the caps fit any head size. Snapback caps can be customised with your company logo to make them unique.

The one-size-fits-all technology in the caps means that they are ideal for giving away at corporate events as you do not need to know the size of each customer’s head.

Brands want to be associated with quality and Yupoong Custom Snapback hats make a statement about your company’s commitment to excellence. They communicate a positive message about your business. They can be given away to promote your brand, but are also a high-quality product that you can sell as a fashion item.

Customising your caps

There are a number of customisation options available for Snapback hats. Designs can be printed on the visor or the cap panels. For extra quality, a number of embroidery options are available. Yupoong uses custom-built stitching machines that guarantee the high quality of embroidered logos.

An alternate branding method is to have a small leather patch with your company logo stitched to the hat.

Snapback hats come in a variety of colours to match your brand, or you can select a Camo style that features camouflage fabric. Images printed to the caps can be in colours that contrast with the main hat colour.

Snapbacks traditionally come with a straight visor, but as is always the case with Flexfit, customization is possible. Talk to the Yupoong design team about the best ways to customise your Snapback hats to make them unique to your business.

Minimum orders are small for domestic orders, so businesses can order a few to try out in order to assess the effectiveness of the caps. Lead times are short from the initial prototype hat to full production.

Fashion and quality

The Yupoong design philosophy is to make caps that look fashionable but are also very practical. Snapback technology makes sure the caps fit well and stay on the head even during vigorous exercise.

Caps protect wearers from the rain, and keep the head cool and sweat-free during hot days. They are designed to feel comfortable when worn all day.

Snapback technology was developed over two decades ago and Yupoong is committed to research and development to make the best caps. Our zero-defect manufacturing process makes sure that all caps are manufactured to a high standard.

Yupoong values

Yupoong is one of the world’s largest producers of customised hats, and is committed to quality design and respect for the environment. All materials used in our headwear and the manufacturing process meet our strict environmental standards, exceeding international regulated standards.

Yupoong invests heavily in research and development that so that Yupoong hats incorporate the best technology and are made to last.

To discuss how Yupoong Custom Snapback hats can benefit your business brand, contact us today to learn about the value that Yupoong Flexfit hats can bring to your business.

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