How businesses benefit from the Yupoong hats wholesale program


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Yupoong headwear is in high demand and is worn by all types of people who appreciate their good looks and practicality. The Yupoong hats wholesale program is a way for businesses to benefit from the popularity of Yupoong caps.

Selling Yupoong caps

You can purchase Yupoong caps directly from our hubs based in may world regions, and orders can usually be delivered within 48 hours. Yupoong has a wide range of baseball style caps including the Flexfit Delta, Snapback, Trucker, Flexfit 110, and dad hats. Caps are available in a wide range of colours or camouflage patterns. Durable fabrics include cotton, wool blend and polyester, and there are many choices of trims to choose from.

There are so many styles, fabrics and colour combinations available that businesses wanting to try out the wholesale program may not want to commit to stocking the whole range. Contact a member of the wholesale program, who can discuss the most popular lines to order to test out the market for Yupoong caps. A customer may stick to the one-size-fits-all cap styles for their first order, as there is no need to order different hat sizes.

To support sellers, Yupoong provides in-store promotions and point-of-sales materials.

Premium quality

Unlike some very inexpensive brands of baseball caps, Yupoong caps have a reputation for quality and reliability. All Yupoong manufacturing centres have what is called ‘Zero Defect’ systems that are designed to make sure that every cap made is premium quality and has no defects. Yupoong has developed technologies such as Permacurve, which maintains the shape of the visor, and sweatbands that have antibacterial qualities. Flexfit technology means that the caps are made to fit the head comfortably.

Quality manufacturing and technology make Yupoong caps stand out in the headwear market. Quality and practicality are achieved without environmental impact, since all manufacturing systems and materials used for making caps exceed international environmental standards.

Stockists of Yupoong caps know they are selling a quality, environmentally friendly product that appeals to a wide variety of people.

Branded caps

Branding companies can purchase blank Yupoong caps at wholesale prices ready to add branding images. Logos printed or embroidered on the caps make them unique. Branded caps make ideal promotional products to raise brand awareness, but can be sold as own label headwear.

Branded caps are often used at business or sporting events. They have also been seen with political slogans, particularly in America, and campaign groups wear them with the name of their cause to raise awareness.

The great thing about Yupoong caps is that they are not worn by any particular demographic. People of all ages, male or female, conservative or liberal, are happy to wear them, which is why they make for a diverse piece of branded headwear.

If a business or organisation wants a custom cap, the Yupoong custom program can design and supply branded caps. If you would like to join the Yupoong hats wholesale program, speak to a member of the team.

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